Friday, June 15, 2012


You will never know what I feel for you
Perhaps ill never show it too

Because i am afraid to lose my best friend
And you'll never understand ,which way the road of our life has bend

You've always been that protective friend ,A girl can ever wish
And now it haunt's that due to my feelings our friendship will perish

You've always been by my side ,whenever I need
And now I don't wanna lose you because of my stupid deed

you've always been my worst weakness and my best strength
And now I don't wanna say what i feel for you
Because I am afraid to lose myself  by losing you :(


alka narula said...

i know what you mean..a deep thought beautifully put into words:)

vinisha said...

@alka mam ........thank u :):)its reallly grt to have ur comments here

Rajrupa Gupta said...

Very beautiful...

vinisha said...

@rajrupa.....thank u :) :)

Green Speck said...

You have portrayed the feelings beautifully...loved the poem :-)

vinisha said...

@amrit sir ....thanks alot :) :)

Fou_Nightingale said...

Very nice poem!.. I love the way the feelings are expressed.

vinisha said...

@Fou_nightingale ...thankzz a ton for reading and appreciating :) :)