Thursday, August 30, 2012


Actually have already submitted my one entry for this contest  But as now there is something damn exciting  in last moment entry so,just writing this post down.So as you people know from my  first entry that I don't believe in proving whether love marriage is better or arranged marriage is better ,because I believe in destiny ,You really don't know what is written in it ,whether its love marriage or arranged marriage or NO marriage :P. The most funny thing i came to hear about marriages now a days is -Love marriage is something like going to the well happily with 32watts smile and jumping inside  -Splashhhhhh and Arranged marriage is when your family comes into the picture ,carries you to the well and excitingly drop you in it  -Splashhhhh again :P so the choice is yours whether you wanna do suicide or want your family to murder you :P :P  or its something like you are walking on the road ,suddenly from no where a  cobra comes and bites you ,yeah you guessed it right now that's love marriage and arranged marriage is like going into a jungle ,finding a cobra and dancing in front of him saying come bite me bite me :P :P But on a serious note What i really feel is marriage in  itself is a beautiful lifelong commitment , which binds two persons  for whole life, Its a start to a new life ,so may it be a love or arranged really don't matter what actually matters is marriage. Marriage can be the biggest decision of any one's life ,because your whole future life will get depended upon your this decision. So if you are gonna take this decision just take it by yourself and firmly by yourself only. Don't get influenced by others decisions. Its never like love marriage is better or arranged marriage is better , both have their own advantages and disadvantages. So you got to be very firm and in right frame of mind before taking any decision .
That's it if its your decision and you feel its right then nothing can go wrong-and just give your 100% in it and hope for the best- - the only essential choice is picking the right  partner  if you get a right partner then it really doesn't matter whether you get it by arranged marriage or love marriage :) :)

So now its like people who do arrange marriage are In such frame of mind that they say, that this decision is my life changing decision and whatever my parents says would be final because they have more knowledge than me  ,they can never go wrong  or can never spoil my life.But is this really practical ?
See in arranged marriage parents may be really happy and you feel that you can't hurt their feelings by saying no to their choice ,but if you think, sometimes it is possible what your parents choose for you may not be right ,they may also go wrong sometimes ,just think twice and don't blindly go after it ,because now your one NO can hurt your parents but if you say yes and if your marriage didn't workout then it would leave you and your parents both with a lifelong regret because parents want their children to be happy and if their decision turn out to be wrong  , they will be the one most hurt  ,so just take time to think and keep marriage as only your sole decision.
so before taking any decision regarding your partner ,just ask your self these questions and if you are satisfied by the answers then go for the person ,so here we go
Is he/she the right choice for you ?
As arranged marriage is full of adjustments ask yourself ,
Will he/she be able to adjust with you life long? or will ill be able to adjust with him/her ?
Will he/she be able to understand you ?
Try to spend some time with them and go for the right person as your future depends upon this choice.
Arranged marriage is something love after marriage ,so ask yourself will ill be ever able to fall in love with him/her.
That's it if after you get an self satisfying answers to  all these questions,get ready for a big fat wedding, I mean most of the arranged marriages are really lavish :P ;)
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So now coming to love marriage
I know Love is the most beautiful feeling of anyone's life
In love its just you and your partner and the whole world don't exist and will never exist too :) for you only your partner is the best person of this world .For him/her you are ready to fight with the whole world.
when someone is in love nothing seems wrong or right ,in love everything becomes legit. He or she is the most important person of your life and you feel he/she is the person with whom you can share your whole life ,so now whats the problem in love marriage ,as arranged marriage even love marriage have its own pros and cons ,so how to find out ,so again will go for question and answer round .....
so ask your self ,will ill be able to love him/her the same after 10 or 15 years
of our marriage ?
will you still continue to love him/her even if you find someone much
 better than him/her ?
will you be able to love him/ her even after knowing their worst ?
and again if satisfied by answers ,just go for it ,get ready to elope with him/her :P as most of the love marriages won't be accepted by parents or family but once you have done with it just like jab we met's- Geet (kareena kapoor ) say Shaadi ke baad bas unke (family) pairo mein gir jaana hai - and you know they are sooner or later gonna accept you and your love :P :P

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whether be love or arranged - there are gonna be adjustments and sacrifices ,so be damn sure of your decision -so later on there will be no regrets but before getting into any decision just ask yourself a very important question Am I ready for this life long commitment ? :)

P.S -This is my entry for indiblogger love ya arrange marriage contest
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Friday, August 24, 2012


First love is always an unforgettable part of your life - It will always be inseparable form heart -The memories it leaves is something from which you can never move on  even when have moved on from your relationship . Its that fragrance which clings to you till your life time . Its something which you can't get it off even if you want too. I mean all the first things in life are really special ,like first job ,first rains etc but first love is some thing which is unexplainable :) It would be the most beautiful part of anybody's life :)

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 The first feeling of being with someone is eternal
 That first feeling of security ,when walking down the streets in winter night with him
 That feeling when his one good morning text can make your whole day
 That moment when the front seat of his car is just reserved for you
 That feeling when he suddenly holds your hand while crossing road,and you just want that moment to pause there
 That feeling when he is not afraid to stand by you through your worse
 That feeling when he assures you that he will be with you till your life
 That cute feeling when sometimes he carries your shopping bags getting over his ego
 That feeling when he gets possessive when some tries to flirt with you
 That feeling of wearing his jacket
 That feeling of being with a person who don't care about how you look
 That moment when he sings just for you 
 That feeling when he says don't worry, No matter what I am always there for you 
 That feeling of getting drenched in rain with him
 That feeling when you know nothing can go wrong as long as he is with you 
 That feeling of changing for him and that cute moment when he tries to change for you
 And That most pure feeling of having somebody ,whom nobody can share.
 He is just and just for you :) :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

An encounter with early morning rains :)

It was around early -early morning 6 ,and I was totally lost in my sweet dreams of  R.K   A.K.A  Ranbir kapoor :P  my well known crush :D :D - Well I am not a morning person at all. I can hardly and very badly wake up at 8am. After 18 years of hard core efforts by my mom ,now she has also realized that its just a waste of time to expect me to wake up early in the morning but to my knowledge Isn't 8 am early too and I can say that because I know some retards who wake up at 11 and 12 so shouldn't my mom  be proud of me that her always obedient and sincere daughter (yeah that's me :D )atleast tries to wake up at eight although that 8 mostly becomes 8:30 to quarter to nine but atleast I try :P Anyways we cannot explain or argue with mom. I hope she realizes my worth someday :P :D
So lets come back to the topic , it was around 6 am , I encountered the most beautiful moment of my life ,as you already know i was lost in the dreams of my RK and in my dream I was just about to fall and RK was just about to catch me but in meanwhile Some  rain droplets were escaping from my window and were directly landing on my face and It woke me up and the dream was over Sob* Sob* but that day I woke up without alarm clock but with the sound of rain and smell of mud was all over my home - believe me it was an divine experience-It was the most beautiful morning ever and I finally realized why mom says wake up early in the morning ,who knows it may give you some lifetime memories to cherish and yes it was certainly magical. I grabbed my hoodie ,it was quite cold and any how I love to wear hoodies ,so no matter what I just need a reason to wear them as in chennai's heat you get very less moments where you can wear your hoodies and sweaters ,so whenever I get that chance I grab it :D and just sat beside my window , and streched my arms outside ,raindrops were dancing in my palms ,it was just a site to cherish - I love rains but it was the first time when i am experiencing morning rains ,it was really a feel good experience just made a cup of hot chocolate and again sat beside the window , this was the time for just myself - only self thoughts -remembering all good goody moments with friends and family and smiling like an idiot.Thinking if life can just pause here.

(picture courtesy Arpit shah photography  )

This is the season of love as some people say and it happened to be the same with me ,even i falled in love ,No no don't get me wrong ,Yes i falled in love but with nature :D  Just thinking all the sweet thoughts with those naughty little rain droplets still falling on my face and other dancing on the earth - this experience was amusing , and its proved even nature can give you sweetest lifelong memories. It  was almost seven and  I was still beside my window and was writing this whole experience in my dairy to my surprise I was so lucky that there was sunrise along with rain -Warm sunrays entering directly in my home make my home more bright and my mood too :D :D I don't know it may sound funny and some people may even go whats so new in this but for me it was the most awesome experience and so penned down each and every moment to preserve and cherish it for a life time.

Friday, August 10, 2012

I think its gonna be a never ending wait

Waiting for some one is not easy and its gonna be more worst  when you know that your wait can take your lifetime. Yet you choose to wait ,why ? because for you that person is more worthy than your lifetime wait.
You know that those beautiful memories which you lived together is enough for your whole life to keep your doors open for that person . Although its really painful because ,you can't even tell that person that your wait for him is really taking your life. You can't even explain him the spasm ,you go through when he is not around. And you do all this for his dreams ,because you know its selfish to make him sacrifice his dreams and even harder when you know what his dreams mean to him. You don't want become a hurdle between him and his achievements.
But you also know that this is taking him away from you and you know at a certain point, its gonna affect your relationship badly but still your love for that person makes you stay lip sealed . Even your faith in him starts slowly fading but those memories ,those promises will not let you tear apart that soon .
But at some point of time you will also think , if that person loves you so much,
Why don't he understand the paroxysm which you are going through?
Why can't he envisage that his dreams are slowly breaking you from inside ?
Why don't he realize, what worst you are enduring without him ?
Why he is too stubborn to look beyond his dreams ?
Why don't he visualize ,what's being there on your side ?
For you ,he his your everything but,
Why you are still unaware about what's your place in his life ?
You know if you say ,he will leave everything and comeback to you ,but ,
Why can't he realize all these without saying ?
Why you are supposed to say and explain him everything ?
Why can't he understand your silence ?
And some times it makes you think ,
Will he'll ever be able to understand you beyond your words ?

Today its again raining outside...
All i can wish now is, you to be by my side. 

This season used to be so beautiful with you ...

All now it reminds me is only of the pain ,which i went through.

You promised me that you'll make every path of my life worthwhile ...

But I never knew ,along with you ,you will even take away my smile. 

I know that you are never unfaithful to me ...

But in between your other commitments you lost "us" from you & me.

Still I can feel your essence in this aroma of rain ....

But it makes me sometimes think that, waiting for you is really nothing but vain?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Thanks for coming in my life :) :)

So, I really dont know what to write  about friendship ,because i came to know what friendship means from some extraordinary species. Before meeting them my life use to revolve around me and my family. Till my high school i only had one best  friend , an she was so helpful in every aspect of my life that i never felt ill be needing some one else  because i believe in a saying have one good friend rather than 1000 fake friends ,so thats it -she was all ,she knewed all my secrets ,i used to share everything with her -thats it life was really cool - i never felt i must be having a gang of friends  or something -all though there were other class mates too but never got close with anyone -I am kinda reserved person , i need my own time ,my own space to get familiar ,i can't get that easily involved ,i love to make friends but need my own time to get mix with them. and i even hate back bitching people too ,so really choosy about making friends So that was all but really friends are the most important part of life learnt when "she" my best friend got married and settled out of town ,now that was the worst part.although no one can fill her space in my life, but it was the time to create space for some other people too - It was the time to get the college admissions- -haha- official place to make friends and hangout -was so damn excited-new place and new friends  -but in my life nothing goes as planned - was just about to get my admission forms  ,there comes a job offer -and it was so good that i was convinced that i have to do  this job. So college admission form became trash and went into a dust bin -And here  in job atmosphere everybody so involved in their own work that they  have no time even to speak to some one else so no frnzz here too but now have some really good colleagues here -the only best part here in this job was facebook - yeah when i joined here i never knew facebook existed also ,but slowly and steadily got addicted to it,all though people say fb frnzz are not real ones and wont be able to help you in your problems, they are fake and etc stuff - but for me the whole scenario was different - i really got good friends here -its almost been two years and they are still the best part of my life - they are always there for me when i need - to solve my problems , to make me smile at my worst days ,talking with them can make my day ,they have really became best of my frnzzz , i used to be so upto me but they thot me some really wonderful lessons of my life ,they accepted me the way i am -  today really wanna dedicate this poem to all of my friends who on otherside have became a part of my life .....i know this is not that good but can't find more words to write down -
 You people came in my life without any reasons
And I know ,you all are gonna be with me forever in all the seasons 

No matter how much i feel low or bad 
You are always there to turn my mood happy form sad    

I know with my stupid talks sometimes i may bore you to the core 
Still I know You will always be there by my side and that's what i adore 

you can always make my day more bright 
And  I never know when you all became such inseparable part of my life :)

From unknown to friends ,from friends to best friends ,from best friends to family were our evolution trends ,
I don't know were life will take us ,but i am sure even if we met again after a long break ,we know we will always be the best of friends :) :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

A try to solve an epic question of this world

This entry has won the runner up prize in indiblogger love marriage ya arrange marriage contest :D :D 

I still don't believe that i am writing on such a topic :P actually the thing is I was an anti marriage material :P.
I  never believed in marriage ,I used to hate the word marriage , I used to think after marriage there is no life ,in fact your life is finished after it , but then at a point of my life someone made me realize how beautiful is to be in a commitment named marriage, that pleasure in changing yourself for somebody else and experiencing that sweet feeling when some one changes for you too  ,then i came to realize that it was not marriage which i used to hate rather  it was my commitment fear ,but now my point of view  is totally changed ,anyways that's some other track ,lets come back to the topic.
Is love marriage better or arranged?
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Actually its an epic question and I don't think any one can find the answer for it ,like still there is no answer for who came first -the hen or the egg :P well actually i don't believe in proving that is love better or arranged because every term have its pros and cons .
It really doesn't matter whether your marriage is love or arranged , what matters is how faithful you are to your commitment , whether you are giving your 100% to your relationship or not, and if you are then nothing can stop you to make your marriage stay life long. Love or Arranged doesn't matter because at some point of time your arranged marriage needs love like Love marriage to carry it forward and Love marriage needs adjustments like arrange marriage to keep their car named marriage move smoothly on the track.
I really believe in saying  Marriages are made in heaven and so you can't choose whether your marriage would be a love marriage or arranged marriage ,so don't say this is better or that is better just believe what ever it would be it would be the best :)because you never know what time brings in front of you . Ppl say in arrange marriage it takes time to understand each other but also in love marriage that time is taken even if it is before marriage but obviously you don't know the  person exactly first then too you go for a relationship ,try to understand each other ,try to change for each other ,be in love  -same thing is with arrange marriage the only thing here is without knowing a person you go for a actual relationship but now a days even arrange marriage couples take time know each other and then get married.some people say arrange marriages don't work out then what would you say about our parents  - i mean in their generation normally there were very few love marriages most of our parents would have an arranged marriage but aren't they still living happily together  ,but then you will say in love before marriage  if things don't work out we can break up  ,then even in arrange marriage you get a solution of divorce ,but is it actually a solution? No Divorce is not a solution nor break up is, you need to try to keep things moving ,try to give your 100%in your relationship , give your life to your relationship and then see how things work out - breakups and divorces are not solution -its actually running away from problems,running away from relationship.Love v/s arranged is nothing if you are ready to play your part and keep loving your partner and respect people related to him /her whole heartedly :) :)
But i really think this sony tv show Love marriage ya Arrange marriage gonna help us to draw a better conclusion :)

P.S - this is an official entry for Indiblogger contest Love ya arrange marriage