Saturday, December 27, 2014

Be true to yourself

I totally agree that telling the truth is the most important thing in any relationship.
People should be truthful with other people from beginning in relationship and try to keep it as long as you want your relations to last for long time.
Everybody has already lied to someone. After that, most of the time people have felt guilty or bad if they expressed their own opinion.
Everybody should tell the truth all the time to feel more comfortable. When you tell the truth, it's easier to support your own idea or opinions because you don't have to invent a history.
Throughout history man has always thought it necessary to deceit on what is reality.
But history has proven time and time again that the truth is always best.
Many think it necessary to deceive, but doing so only leads to an exacerbated situation and temporary satisfaction.It may be helpful when something is by mistake, and you tell the truth on time. Maybe you can put a head together, and come up with some measures to fix it out. Therefore, the mistake will not be worse. Truthfulness is the greatest and most important of all human virtues

It would be the biggest lie of my life to say that I've never lied because at some point in our life we all have lied for something to someone. Mine was the time when first time in my life I had faked my marks :P although after growing up it was no big deal but during my childhood this guilt of lying actually killed me as I knew my mother had brought me up with lots of hardships. So it was the first time when I was in class 6th and my school was changed and due to the whole new environment and people around me, I actually had not concentrated on my studies and failed in the first term, now if had taken my reports to my mom she would have been really upset and due to the fear of upsetting her , I forged her sign over my reports and submitted to the class teacher but this guilt of faking her signature killed me.Till one month I was not able to face my mother and other people.
But one day I decided to confess this to my mother, no matter what happens any how I gathered the courage and told her everything. She got angry ufcourse and didn't say anything but that night she came near me kissed my forehead and said never lie to me in future no matter how hard the truth is never try to hide it with a lie because the truth will not hurt me that much how much your one lie can and my biggest fear is i'll never be able to trust you again .
You will have to lie thousands of time to hide one truth.
So my dear never lie and that was when after one month I had slept without guilt. How comforting the truth is, Right ?
Just watch this lovely video and understand it your self.

Truth is everything guys,just be true to yourself and you'll never be able to lie to anyone.
For more details just go to this link


Thursday, December 18, 2014

“Travel is the ultimate education,”

There is absolutely no substitute for travel and having those experiences firsthand.

Everyone loves to go on vacations; sometimes with our friends, sometimes with colleagues and sometimes with our own family.

The vacations we take our children on are different in a very special way - Kids see vacations very differently from adults! Their expectations, their curiosity, and the way they see things creates a unique experience on every vacation.

How should we ensure that kids have good time during their vacations. 
Why this question becomes so important here is because only if they have good time then we can enjoy our holiday too.

So here are some tips which would definitely help to let the kids enjoy themself and make their holidays memorable.

let them snap their experiences by their own selves 
Giving toddlers their own (robust, child-friendly) camera encourages them to observe their surroundings and focus on what interests them. You might be surprised at the results from their knee-high view. Amongst pictures of feet and wheels, my three-year-old has shot flowers, animals, helicopters, boats, rocks and rabbit poo.
Apart from taking photographs, there are lots of ways to help your children preserve memories of your trip. You could buy a postcard for each destination and help them to note a single memory on the back, alongside the date or their age. You could also get them started on collections of things that can be found in most places, such as badges, paperweights, model cars and boats or toy animals.

Get your kids drawing and listing things they’ve seen and interesting foods they’ve tried. Who knows, this might also encourage them to try different foods. 
Collecting postcards from places you visit and asking them to write themselves a message on the back means they can reach adulthood with a library of memories all their own.
Local toys are often worth seeking out, and make great gifts to take home. Apart from the novelty value, kids tend to like playing with the same things that local children have, and it can help with making friends.
If you plan on walking or cycling, remember that young children won't want to focus on getting from A to B, but on following their interests, so allow time for exploring.
Plan your route around the capacity of your youngest child and your ability to carry them. Try to choose a route where the scenery will change frequently. 
Good choices for walks or rides include following a river or canal towpath; there are no hills to negotiate, and there's the possible bonus of water to play in and birds to feed. It's also a good idea to combine walks or rides with an activity such as swimming or taking a short train ride.
Most toddlers love the novelty of travelling by train, bus and boat, so ditch the hire car and use public transport where possible.
If you’re heading out on a long journey have a collection of toys to be handed out once an hour. Handheld puzzles, tiny colouring books, stickers, wordsearches etc . 

I really hope my blogpost helps the other people out there to make their holidays with their kids memorable.
Kindly go to this link to know more TEDDY TRAVELOGUES

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


By this time you people would have come to know that how much I love shopping :D :D

So Birthday is just  an another occasion when I get a chance to shop with my mom's money :D :D

As yesterday was so engaged in doing link up of Aadhar card with the bank account and lpg account. All that long queues and rude people over the counter etc stuff .But some how accomplished that task also successfully….phewww.
So  yesterday I was not at all able to celebrate my birthday properly :(

Now what better can be rather than shopping to make myself happy :D :D So I decided to go on shopping all by myself today.  :)
And when it comes to shop , I just don't need any company in fact I prefer shopping alone coz the problem with me is , I think alot before buying any stuff.
I try that stuff once and then before buying I try that already tried thing again , I don't  know why but I have a very complexed shopping pattern. So the person who is accompanying me while shopping will either  go mad at me or  just run away. So now you guys know why I shop alone :P :P
One more thing to add is that guilty feeling which I  get after spending money on stuffs  is also an another aspect , but can't help it ya shopping to karna padta hi hai.
As from my earlier post you people would have also come to know how much budget is important , so I set my budget at 2k.
So what I bought  today…  :D :D check down the images :P






Sunday, December 7, 2014


Shopping………………………………………  I mean like who doesn’t love shopping especially in girl’s case  :P
You know what nothing can uplift my mood rather than shopping but now the problem is that I can get upset over certain things (silly things )at mid night or such odd timings when I can’t go n shop , you know na, now at midnight who would keep the shop open and wait that vinisha’s mood is going to get upset let us keep the shop open? :P funny but true  but what should I do about my moods :P

So here comes to my rescue -------online shopping :D :D Its like some body has thought regarding moody people like me  and made this thing :D :D  Its  heaven Phewww…..
Now as usual it was almost midnight 3’Am and I was upset over a silly fight with my best friend  :( :(

So shopping was necessary :D Now the question arises where should I shop :P
Recently one of my colleague had bought one outfit from JABONG.COM and was very happy with the fit and service.So I thought lets give it a try.
Now the question is that what should I buy??
Ufcourse this is the biggest problem when you shop due to mood swings :P :P

Now my budget was 500rs because  if don’t keep the budget then I would end up shopping until my whole pocket money of the month gets over. So budget is necessary and I would thank my thinking that I had kept the budget because JABONG.COM had so many offers which were hard to resist and I would had ended up shopping above my limits :D
So I love bags to the core  be it a clutch , tote or sling, I just love them all. 
So it was decided that I would buy a sling bag as my current sling bag was quite old.
I was so amazed with the site, It was so easy and user friendly that it takes just seconds to find exactly what you want under your budget. 
I Just typed the price from 0 to 500 and there are so many product I found under that price.
so I just ordered the bag shown below

The estimated delivery date was after 15 days but that was ok ,I din’t mind but to my surprise it was delivered just after 5 days and I was really happy and jumping the packing was really good and the product  was intact and just the same what I had ordered .

With I really had a awesome experience and  I would definitely recommend for  people who are looking for good online shopping sites :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


On the road ,it is not the question of whose mistake,but the question of whose life.
If you want to be alive you have to make the adjustments .

 Blaming makes no sense on the road

So its just not one the person who is driving has to take care but  the one who is walking also has to share the equal part of responsibility as its a team work and everybody should take their own part in sharing this responsibility.

Why It is always the driver who gets blame for the accidents but I have seen so many incidents in my life where the persons walking on the road were on the wrong track and the one who is driving was only trying to prevent the accident. 
Think logically guys the driver will also need some time to stop the car but it is the typical mentality I've observed that its mostly the driver's msitake .

Now a days the worst habit I see in many people is that they walk with the headphones.I mean like why ??? 
 Ofcourse once you wear the headphone on the road even the person trying to give you signal through his/her car or bike horn you wont be able to hear.

Poorly maintained vehicles, rash driving, queer laws and scant respect for traffic rules also trigger accidents.

Traffic rules are way being taken for granted. Yeah I know our generation believes in saying that "rules are meant to break" but any thing is not more than a life, Right?. While driving on the road its just not your life but also the life of those  people who are walking or driving in your way.
How could we become so careless when the there is a question of so many lives.

Some of the solutions we should take way too seriously are ,

WEAR YOUR SEAT BELTS - If you don't wear , loss is yours and your family,atleast think about them.

DON'T ANSWER CALLS WHILE DRIVING - This is the worst habit  anybody can practise,please guys grow up. Your busy schedule don't have right to put anybody's or even your own life in danger- Got it ?
DON'T DRINK BEFORE  DRIVING - I mean like how many times everyone have to tell ? Are we nursery babies who are to spoonfeed for each and every thing.
OBEY ROAD SIGNS  - obeying is something not meant for you but at least if you follow others can walk and drive safely ,so please do it :) 
MAINTAIN YOUR VEHICLE - Please spend some of your hard earned money in servicing your car or bike - I mean your stinginess can cost you your life ,so please service your vehicle regularly.
Not following the above has always land some one or other in trouble
So don't blame but take the responsibility and be responsible.

So here ,
The Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., conducts the Nissan Safety Driving Forum (NSDF) in India as part of its safety driving promotion activities.
Under its Blue Citizenship CSR umbrella, NSDF by Nissan works to build awareness of safe driving in India. NSDF encourages drivers and passengers to wear seatbelts, and participants learn through interactive activities the importance of wearing seatbelts.Nissan seeks to support reducing fatalities and injuries caused by traffic accidents, and NSDF represents the company's commitment in contributing to young, vibrant and mobile India. 


Vinisha shah :)


Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Love - A beautiful feeling - Its so wonderful to be in a relationship with someone.
That secure feeling that someone will be always there in your ups and downs.
That beautiful feeling of someone being by your side at your worst and best time.
The one with whom you are going to spend your whole lifetime.
Being a girl it matters to me the most that my partner should be the one who can stand by me whenever I need him.

The story of samaira and saras is something which has changed my whole perspective on seeing the relationships.
Samira a 23years old happy go lucky girl and on this side saras a 35 year old ,business tycoon -very charismatic at the same time a man of principles and discipline.
Apart from their substantial age and thinking differences they fell for each other and got married.
After some years of their marriage they  started losing that chemistry which used to be between them.
samaira here who was busy looking after the children and this side saras was busy in his business they almost had forgotten the love that used to be between them.
It is one day when samaira fell ill and saras left everything for her and took care of her, it is them when both realized that how much they both matter to each other and how after so many years of marriage they started taking each other for granted, It is then they promised that everything will be placed after their love and they will never let anybody to come between them.
So with this I can come up to this conclusion that
On the road ,it is not the question of whose mistake,but the question of whose life.
If you want to be alive you have to make the adjustments . Blaming makes no sense on the road.
As it is with road , so it is with our relationships. It is not the question of whose mistake,but the question of whose life.When your relationship gets disturb ,it disturbs your happiness. Without happiness what is life?
so even with relationships blaming makes no sense.The quality of a painting is the painter's responsibility. The quality of statue is the sculptor's responsibility, similarly the quality of your relationships is your responsibility and yours alone. In the road of life, in dealing with traffic called relationships ,it is not the question of whose mistake, but the question of whose life? Instead of expecting the world to change towards you ,change your approach towards the world . life thrives on relationships. Get your relationships right and you will get your life right. 
Just look at this beautiful video if nimrat and parambrata and see how they bring back their lost touch 
                                                                     JUST GO TO THIS LINK OF PARACHUTE

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Open defecation - A curse in one's life and dignity.
Isn't it sad to see in this forward world where people are reaching moon and also there are people who lives in village are  defecating in open space.

Village people especially suffer from this as many villages in India are out of their basic needs like well built home and washrooms.

On one side people don't want the ladies of their home even to take away the duppata from their head and on one side they are forced to defecate openly.

Dignity of a women is the biggest asset of her life and this open defecation practice ruins her most possessed  asset "dignity"

It is such a shame when I see people hailing life like this.
The dignity of one is no where secure when they don't even have the toilets to use.

It is the worst scenario which is normally seen in most of the villages.
Women have to face the worse when it comes to defecate in open surroundings.
It is a curse in her life, she strives all her life to protect her dignity but while coming to this she fails.

I mean like if just knowing about this practice can affect us so much then one who are going through this could have such bad effect over them.

Lack of anything is tolerable but the basic amenities is something which is a right of every citizen and no one should lack at it.

I am really happy to see that domex has come with such wonderful initiative , it contributes Rs 5  per click and helps to build toilets in villages and help people live a life with respect and dignity especially for women it gives them the facility to live their life with due respect.

We should also be a part of it and help people to lead a healthy if we cant contribute much atleast we can support the initiative and support such a good cause.

It really a shameful too see such things are still practiced in Indian villages.

Due to this dignity spoils as well as the health of people living nearby deteriorates, so many worse cases of health deterioration has come up due to this practice.

So atleast now its the time to bring up the change, now we should help domex to reach its target and help the needy.

You can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on AN INITIATIVE BY DOMEX and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.



Thursday, November 6, 2014

Our Love :)

image source

We have to fill warmth in our world, till now which was cauldrife,
You will be my man and ill be the wife.

Our love will deepen day after day,
And the bonding will grow as our hair turns grey. 

We may have many difference of opinions and fights,
But promise me nothing but love, will be placed on heights.

We may sometimes get annoyed and may not speak,
But our love and care for each other will play the trick.

Sometimes we will be harsh and hurt each others feelings,
But assure me that at the end of the day,
we'll have each other shoulders for dealings.

Promise me no matter what, Towards me you'll never become cold,
And our love and passion should gradually increase as we'll turn old.

Vinisha shah :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014



The one with those expressive and intense eyes,
I have tried to find him on this earth and skies.

The one who knows how to make me smile and cheers
When I am burdened with the pile of tears.

The one who can handle me at my worst,
Yes in his heart will lie all my faith and trust :)

The one who knows to stop me when I am wrong,
And he will be my life's forever happy song.

The one for whom I will give away my sleep,
He should also be the one who can love me that deep.

The one who will try his best to protect me from life's odds,
He will also be the one whom ill love and love him loads.


Monday, October 20, 2014

He said :)


Hold my hand and walk with me, why are you afraid?

Love and time have their own healing powers as it is always said.

Come along and ill confine all your fears in my heart,
Give me your dreams and ill make it an art.

Don’t stop even if the past haunts you to the core,
I am with you and your loneliness are not lonely anymore.

Smile, my tomorrows are beautiful only because of it,
And together, yes together we have our future to knit.

Vinisha shah :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Oh my god! I am late again, no ways – I can’t be late today, foreign delegates are about to come and my boss had told me to come early and I am late, oh no!
I went grab my clothes – Dressed up in my usual office attire.
A phone rings, “vinisha boss in the office and asking for you urgently” but how to reach? I am yet to finish my makeup, oh god no time and without make up I can’t attend such important meeting, what to do now?
Yesterday only I had bought  garnier bb cream for trial –but you know trials are done in the free time not when you are supposed to look perfect but now that was the last option coming into my mind as there Is no time to apply foundation ,compacts ,blush etc because of no time left with me. If I sat applying all these things my boss would have killed me.
So now garnier bb cream prescribed by my favorite, gorgeous actress deepika padukone, which I had bought yesterday only, comes to my rescue. As this was the first time with it, It was like taking a risk and if this don’t work out well, I’ll be looking like a worst night mare for my company and would have spoiled the meeting as you know being the conveyer in the meeting I had to look perfect as I was the face of the meeting and if I didn’t I would had ended up losing my job.
Now garnier bb cream was the last thing left in this world for me. My skin, like me is something which doesn’t accept the new things easily- blah: P Now this is a very risky time to experiment over your skin.
But as I dint had any option and garnier is quiet a trusted brand over the years, I gave a second thought over it.
Ok I grabbed my bag and get in a taxi-hopefully lucky as got a taxi in 2 minutes –hurray
I hastily pull out a mirror –rub my face with cotton and open the newly experimenting garnier bb cream and apply its dots all over the face and neck and massage it slightly over it,so my skin absorbs it.
Wow! To my surprise my skin absorbs it quickly and easily.
And now if I see my face in mirror,  
The little dark circles around  my eyes are visibly reduced.
Some spots over my skin are also very much hidden.The pores are also closed .
Again wow!
The thing which a foundation or primer would have done after so much effort and after that also your make up could have ended up looking cakey this garnier bb cream had done so easily with no effort at all and it blended in the face so easily that nobody can say I had applied anything over it. It made me look so natural or naturally beautiful –I can say.
I needed nothing over my face after this just a lip gloss and that’s it. I am done, before reaching my office I had finished my makeup.
Finally reached my office and the first compliment I get is what treatment you have went overnight your skin looks so good.
Finally meeting went off so well all thanks to my favorite deepika padukone who recommended this otherwise I would have never bought it
Garnier bb cream you rock! Biggest rescuer of my life and it’s my daily savior now.

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A child makes a family complete – children are the universe of their parents.
Our life revolves around our children.
we try to save them from all the things which can hurt them.
We can never see our children in pain and when they fall ill our world halts there. Especially rainy season we have to take care of them much as their immunity level drops and they are more prone get diseases like fever, cold, etc
So as it is said prevention is better than cure – and ayurveda is best at it –natural and with no side effects it has a treasure of homemade remedies which our grandma’s used to tell us (dadi ma ke nuskhe) remember.
But in this busy world we don’t have time to spend time on collecting ingredients and making remedies and giving it to our children
Dabur a well known brand in providing best ayurvedic remedies in this modern busy world
Now what should we do to give immunity to save our children from the attack of various viruses and bacteria ,chywanprash a blend of many herbs and spices  which is proven to give immunity at its best this season .
So if our children are happy we are happy too. Besure with dabur chywanprash daily  and  relax. Our children are in the safe hands.
I used to remember how my mom used to run behind me with that white and red packing of dabur chyawanprash although it used to taste good but didn't like that little spicy taste but as it is said ayurvedic things will taste little bad but it has so many advantages with no side effects.
We can not  keep a watch on our children for whole day as somewhere they are attacked by bacteria or viruses but if we have given them the dose of immunity as one spoon full of dabur chywanprash we can be free and relax as dabur chyawanprash will do its work.
Because if we resist children from playing or anything our children will become rebellious and that would be unfair too .
So unnecessarily being too strict on what they are eating and where they are going just give them their spoon of health daily in the morning with a glass of milk and let them be free as you know we live 2014 and restricting our children will be very unfair on their child hood –so let your children enjoy and you relax.
It has more 40 herbs and dabur is a very trusted brand  from past so many years ,on which you can blindly trust and I am sure you wont be regretting it ,so be sure and let your child enjoy their child hood.
For more details visit dabur website where you can know more about it.



Diwali a time to forget all the differences, grudges and come together in festive spirit.
You know what, we Indians are very lucky to have so many festivals one after another an each and every one of the festival giving an opportunity to come together.
Diwali is one of the festivals among it - Bringing families closer, since forever.
Now the question is do we actually make an effort to join our families in diwali?
How easily we say na that ma – paa this diwali I can’t home, have so many commitments –my leave has not been sanctioned, my boss has not signed my leave application etc stuff
But do we are actually making an effort?
Because if we were, we would have definitely joined our families during this time.  
Just watch this beautiful ,nostalgic video from pepsico and try to make an effort 
This is the time when our family needs us the most because festivals are not celebrated alone.
You know what, may be you are some body’s son or daughter –husband or wife –father or mother and if you are away from your home due to the circumstances make an effort to rejoin them as no circumstance is bigger or important than a loving family. Ultimately they are one who is going to be with you not your circumstances or your work.
I still remember being an Gujarati- My mom used to make ghughra (a sweet filled with khoya and dry fruits) chorafari, papad puri, fafda (Type of snacks of course pronounced as snakes)
And it was rule that these delicacies are prepared only during diwali.
They all taste just so good only when mom makes it no matter how much effort I take to make them, I don’t like its taste. They say an maa ke haath ka khaana –maa ke haath ka khaana hota hai :)
Not only food ,decorating home with colourful kandils and lightning lamps etc was also a part and parcel of this festival.Belonging to a jain family we were not supposed to burst crackers but making rangoli ,lightning lamps near door decorating home with small led lights was so much fun.
Don't we miss all those days during this time. Home was filled laughter ,jokes of cousins,uncle and aunties.
Those some nosy aunties saying aare beta kitne bade hogaye ? kanusa course kar rahe ho stuff.
It used to be so irritating but those were the moments we are missing now,right?
so much fun it used to be. so diwali is the time were we have to be with our family because when we needed them they were with us. so now its our duty to fullfill our parent's needs.They used to be there whenever we need them till now they are connected with us through phones and internet but still that personal touch somewhere lacks.Our parents will not tell us, we have to take an effort to read their mind voice and atleast visit them once or twice a year.So they will also have sense of security that our children are there to take of us and we are just one call away from them.
So this diwali make an effort to reach home and bring smiles :) :)


Tuesday, April 15, 2014


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My life,my world,my reason to live -yes all my long awaitings are for you.
In all my prayers its only you.  
My habit ,my worship- my existence is because of you.
I don't know how long I have to wait seeing your way.
And now I am longing for you all night and day.
As the time passed with nearby church bell rings and rolls
These memories played some conspiracy and made us one from two wandering souls.
My breathe teases me taking your name-yes the one from which i used to run.
And mischievously our story has started taking a beautiful turn.
You entered in my life like calmness in the heart,
And now i am sure that no one can break us apart.
In the lane of love we have started walking with each other.
like birds with the same feather flock together.
In my wide eyes the dreams which are prevailing are of you
Yes i am living because of you, Just you.
                                                   Vinisha shah  :)