Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I fear living in India

Yes this is what I feel now ,after hearing the incident of a girl being raped late sunday night in a bus with 6 perverts on her in capital of our country. I am actually shattered after hearing this incident ,when I heard I really had tears in my eyes not because that I am a girl and I have feelings or  something else but because I live in such country ,were such perverts who can't control them selves and behave worst than animals and still live freely and enjoy life.
Have we ever taught what gives them such confidence of doing such crime?
Why this types of incidents happen in greater number in our country?
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 This is totally because of law system of India. I was proud to be a citizen of India when I used to hear that only here a  girl  is given the  titles of lakshmi ,durga and saraswathi of house. But as we grow up we face the reality and actually the worst realities ever. This is not the first rape happened in the country -why public is getting outraged now?why we are protesting now?why we are pressuring the govt now? -why now?
If this would have done at the very first point no moron would have that courage to do such crime and live freely without being arrested. Its really a heart breaking incident coming forth,when such worst incidents can happen in capital of our country,people living in other states can know were they land.I can say this because i stay in chennai and nothing is different here and i can confidently say that it will not be different else were too in our country.Now  Why ? is the question arises here -it all because the judicial system which prevails from pastttttttt centuries ,
Its all because these khulaaa buffaloes knows that they can do any crime and no mosquito can touch them ,
Because they know till the time justice will come ,it will be their time to leave this world,so who cares ?
Even if some how justice manage to peek its head out of all struggle,worst to worst what will happen a minimum of 7 to 14 years of jail. so those perverts will just chill and carry on what ever they want to do.
Now the question arises if a person do a murder a direct punishment would be 14 years of jail or he/she will be hanged till death -while in rape case the minimum of punishment would be mere 7 years of  jail or if extended then 14years maximum---here I question how can a rape be a smaller crime than murder -you know what guys.,
and a message for those perverts would be,be a man u moron ,coz real men dont rape have a bloddy self control over your hunger.I really wish that atleast this time our constitution wakes up ,takes strong steps and provide quick justice to the victim -and until they give justice they must take necessary actions to make that moron life hell in any way they can -like to,
Cease all his id proofs.
Such crimes should not be bailable
Ban his travel.
Show his bloddy face in media ,so people can know how devil's actually look like.
until they give justice aleast this steps to be taken so that he can't live freely and I request our constitution to divert all such cases in fast track court so the victim can get the justice as early as possible  because if left freely this psychos will do the same thing again an again-lets hope for the best -this is my part of spreading some thing ,now its your turn spread such messages so some  sleeping people will open eyes and create fear in such psychos minds.Last but not the least please pray for that girl and other such girls who are victim of  such crimes -please help such persons in any possible way you can - may god help her to regain back to her normal life as early as possible  :(

Monday, December 17, 2012

You said :)

Troy & Gabriella - high-school-musical-3 Fan Art
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You said you'll walk every path of our life,looking in my eye :)
You said you'll always be there for me, like my sky.

   Together our life has seen many sun's and shades,
   And you promised to be with me, whenever I feel pale. :)

  When you were mine ,there were no fears :)
  And I know you will never let me make my relation with tears :)

  Your love thought me to live being selfless :)
  And I never knew when you became my best strength and my worst weakness :)

 To share all my life,my heart has always wished for someone of my own :)
 And see fate has found me your shoulder were I can lay my head down :)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

New year eve look - :D :D

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