Monday, January 21, 2013

How should I say ?

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 Her feelings......

How should I say what I am feeling for you  ?
I don't know how to put my emotions in words.
It has become impossible to count the waves of my dreams,
Which have come alive because of you.
Come here and listen what my silence is whispering,
Because this feeling in my heart will take longer than a life, to come out in words
How should I say?
I don't know what feelings are that ,which are always present in my heart,
but are frightened to come out in words.
I want to say every this and that to you,
But when I confront you ,I forget everything
This is some thing a heart says and heart hears:)
How should I say?

And he said......

When there are dreams ,feelings and silence.,
Then there is nothing to say & hear
We are near each other and that's enough :) :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Caption less

I know ,life is a little screwed up.,
Falling for you was my bad luck.

But you thought -for you ,I'll cry my whole life ?
No Dear! that's completely something not my tribe.

I am not someone who is gonna wait for you after all your mistakes.,
Sorry dear! trust takes year to build but needs few seconds to break.

And for sure I won't take revenge or plot anything against you.,
But I'll make sure that you regret breaking my faith, Trust me, one day you'll do!