Friday, June 9, 2017

Disguised love

You asked -Will you miss me ?
“Missing you “ is a very small word for the things I’ve started feeling for you or because of you.

And now I am afraid of myself as loving someone makes the person  compelled ,helpless and enslaved-The three things which I’ve always hate but somehow you have still managed to become the circle around which my life has started revolving.

You ask me what I like about you ?
How should I tell you that there is nothing which I don’t like about you.
The way you have encircled my time,
Your deep talking eyes which are stuck over my existence.  
The care which I’ve always longed for.
Your ready to stake life for me attitude and what not which does not make me melt in front of you.

But I am never going to say all these things to you .

I will always laugh at all the promises you make and would take all your words as joke and it may make you think I am stubborn stone as marble but I can’t become a wall of sand in front of you. I am afraid of breaking down.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Our Love :)

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We have to fill warmth in our world, till now which was cauldrife,
You will be my man and ill be the wife.

Our love will deepen day after day,
And the bonding will grow as our hair turns grey. 

We may have many difference of opinions and fights,
But promise me nothing but love, will be placed on heights.

We may sometimes get annoyed and may not speak,
But our love and care for each other will play the trick.

Sometimes we will be harsh and hurt each others feelings,
But assure me that at the end of the day,
we'll have each other shoulders for dealings.

Promise me no matter what, Towards me you'll never become cold,
And our love and passion should gradually increase as we'll turn old.

Vinisha shah :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014



The one with those expressive and intense eyes,
I have tried to find him on this earth and skies.

The one who knows how to make me smile and cheers
When I am burdened with the pile of tears.

The one who can handle me at my worst,
Yes in his heart will lie all my faith and trust :)

The one who knows to stop me when I am wrong,
And he will be my life's forever happy song.

The one for whom I will give away my sleep,
He should also be the one who can love me that deep.

The one who will try his best to protect me from life's odds,
He will also be the one whom ill love and love him loads.


Monday, October 20, 2014

He said :)


Hold my hand and walk with me, why are you afraid?

Love and time have their own healing powers as it is always said.

Come along and ill confine all your fears in my heart,
Give me your dreams and ill make it an art.

Don’t stop even if the past haunts you to the core,
I am with you and your loneliness are not lonely anymore.

Smile, my tomorrows are beautiful only because of it,
And together, yes together we have our future to knit.

Vinisha shah :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


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My life,my world,my reason to live -yes all my long awaitings are for you.
In all my prayers its only you.  
My habit ,my worship- my existence is because of you.
I don't know how long I have to wait seeing your way.
And now I am longing for you all night and day.
As the time passed with nearby church bell rings and rolls
These memories played some conspiracy and made us one from two wandering souls.
My breathe teases me taking your name-yes the one from which i used to run.
And mischievously our story has started taking a beautiful turn.
You entered in my life like calmness in the heart,
And now i am sure that no one can break us apart.
In the lane of love we have started walking with each other.
like birds with the same feather flock together.
In my wide eyes the dreams which are prevailing are of you
Yes i am living because of you, Just you.
                                                   Vinisha shah  :)

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Back after 10 months :D :D

Heya ,All the beautiful people ,Its been almost 10 months that I haven't even saw my blog.
So many things have changed ,infact I have changed.I'll tell You all but need little time ,many ups and downs ,but still managed to move on,forget all and smile :) :)
So got little time now as I just settled down a inch in my new work place , got accepted my colleagues and made many friends ,and now I am at my comfort zone here :P So guyzz in this 10 months ,got a new job ,got a degree ,yeah now I am an graduate :P ;) Allthough my job and study has no relavance at all. :P But still life is great.loving my job ,very hectic & challenging.Yeah so now i have decided to put my little concentration on my blog too .... I know you people would have missed me and my blogposts alot (self obsessism , you know :P) ,so guyz wrapping up for a day ,cya in evening or may be tomorrow. At the end love you all :) :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

How should I say ?

Image source

 Her feelings......

How should I say what I am feeling for you  ?
I don't know how to put my emotions in words.
It has become impossible to count the waves of my dreams,
Which have come alive because of you.
Come here and listen what my silence is whispering,
Because this feeling in my heart will take longer than a life, to come out in words
How should I say?
I don't know what feelings are that ,which are always present in my heart,
but are frightened to come out in words.
I want to say every this and that to you,
But when I confront you ,I forget everything
This is some thing a heart says and heart hears:)
How should I say?

And he said......

When there are dreams ,feelings and silence.,
Then there is nothing to say & hear
We are near each other and that's enough :) :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Caption less

I know ,life is a little screwed up.,
Falling for you was my bad luck.

But you thought -for you ,I'll cry my whole life ?
No Dear! that's completely something not my tribe.

I am not someone who is gonna wait for you after all your mistakes.,
Sorry dear! trust takes year to build but needs few seconds to break.

And for sure I won't take revenge or plot anything against you.,
But I'll make sure that you regret breaking my faith, Trust me, one day you'll do!

Monday, December 17, 2012

You said :)

Troy & Gabriella - high-school-musical-3 Fan Art
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You said you'll walk every path of our life,looking in my eye :)
You said you'll always be there for me, like my sky.

   Together our life has seen many sun's and shades,
   And you promised to be with me, whenever I feel pale. :)

  When you were mine ,there were no fears :)
  And I know you will never let me make my relation with tears :)

  Your love thought me to live being selfless :)
  And I never knew when you became my best strength and my worst weakness :)

 To share all my life,my heart has always wished for someone of my own :)
 And see fate has found me your shoulder were I can lay my head down :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Seasons of life

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Some dreams ,some fears ,some regrets and some tears.
Moving ahead in this sweet and bitter life ,
With a hint of spice and some salt,
There are days when you just want everything to halt.
Sometimes there are bright & warm sunny days,
And sometimes there are cold & gloomy winds to face.
To our surprise suddenly sometime there is a rain of love,
But when it ends all we are left doing is reprove.
And certainly again there comes the cold,
And your life starts to take another fold.
With teary eyes,loneliness and regrets,why we forget the simple told
That there is a big bright smile after every pain,
And after every Autumn there are cheerful lovely rains :) :)