Saturday, October 27, 2012

This is how he should be ;)

The one with that breath taking smile,
Yes, the one for whom I can walk any number of miles.

The one whose goodness will touch my soul,
The one with the personality which I can adore.:) 

The one for whom ill give away my last name,
Should be the one who knows that love is not a game.

Yes he should be the one with a golden heart,
Whose kindness will make him from crowd,apart.

I've always wished for someone who leads his life with some principle,
Yes the one with the above qualities can fit into my "perfect guy example".

Lastly he should be some one on whom I can proudly proud,
Yes he will be my dream guy on white horse ,without any doubt :) :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The day you met :) :)

image courtesy- google

To me you were something like a dream come true :)
You walked in my life silently and you stayed too :)
Your feeling was like wearing a warm hoodie ,
In cold,breathe taking december winds of my life.
I fell for you the moment, your goodness touched my soul.
And now i can proudly say that,
Yes you are the one,the only one I was longing for.
You made your place in my life,with out my permission 
And now I came to know why it is said,
that love need no reasons :)
I can sum up this by saying that 
I was a flowing river ,with no boundries 
And then the day when you said, -You do : )
I found my shore in you :) :)