Friday, September 28, 2012

A musing :)

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Moving the darkness like kohl ,from the pillows of snowy white mountains a sun raised its head and saw that on the hills of someones heart there is a season of  love.

On the stems of the memories there are innumerable flowers of past which has started giving out its mesmerising fragrance.

Some unsaid and unheard wish which is still partly in sleep has started rubbing its eyes and it sees that flowing like a river, life is new in its every wave.

Remembering that some one once said that on the lap of life there is never ending love and there is also a long wait for someone too.

And it waves off by the silent feeling that on barren land of someones heart soon there is gonna be a rain of love. :) :)  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


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We met ,we fell for each other and we fall apart too.You became my dream and that dream which I saw with open eyes. But now all we have is a miles of space in between us.Still there are some unknown threads which are tying me to you ,still I see the dreams of both you & me to be together. I don't know how should I tell you about those feelings which are still alive some where in my heart,but please don't get me wrong,for your sake I've tried and I've tried hard to completely let you free.But still there is something which binds you and me.May be my eyes can explain what my heart feels because I am unable to find words to explain it . I don't know was it your talks ,your smile or your first touch which made me fall for you or it all happened after you left -please don't ask me I have no idea about it. I know that you tried and tried your best but may be it was my insecurities which didn't let me speak my heart and I still regret that why I didn't said what I felt for you - Why I didn't said yes,even i feel the same for you.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Sad Animated Full Moon (image courtesy -google)
The shine of moon is slowly fading
The twinkle of stars is vanishing too
Everything seems to be so dark and empty
And my love is asking your ego for some pity
My life has turned its face on me
And I am still lost somewhere in midst of your sea
The silence which I am hearing is loudest of all
I still remember you swore to handle me when I fall
How should I kill memories of every second I spend without you?
Or how should these few lines explain my unbearable spasm to you?
For your single answer I have longed for my whole life
But I wonder how my tears wouldn't even give you a strike
This night is darkest and longest of all I've ever seen
Still I hope you to be here, as you promised,you would have been

Friday, September 14, 2012


People say childhoods are always special and yes they always are ,most of us have awesome childhood filled with our adorable sweet innocence and naughtiness. I have to say though I had born in a middle class family ,my parents have brought me up like a princess ,although i never got what i wanted but they always gave me what i needed and I never remember the day when I had long for something I needed. though my mom have been a strict mom but  I have always been a mama's girl (Still I am :P) , I still don't have a courage to go beyond her words (Not because of fear but due to respect , I respect her to the core ) ,I know how how much she has went through to bring me up. So where were we ? ya childhood and you know what guys, I just love children ,their smile can make my whole day ,even it may be a random kid ,I can start playing with them ,i just love kids - so was just asking my mom about my childhood yesterday - and she started with "please don't remind me of that" and I was like ?? ( I gave her an exclamatory look ) and said areeeeee c'mon  tell me na maa and she told me you were the naughtiest child I've ever seen in my whole life ,you showed me stars in day time and I was like LOL. I  told "maa ab bachee toh aise hi hote hai" (maa kids are like that only )and finally I felt I was normal as other humans ;) pheeewww what a relief to hear that :D :D and suddenly she reminded me of diwali and saree wala incident and I was laughing out loud remembering that ,well at that time I was around 10 years old and I remembered that incident quite well , It was diwali time, No! actually one day before diwali and as usually i hadn't went to school ,I was damn lazy to go to school. Once in a week(during working days -sundays not included)  I always had a bahana (excuse) to how to avoid school, indeed now I can write the 2 volumes book on those bahana's I made during that time. I never liked to go to school although my mom was strict but on this part she was not that much interested. Whether I go to school or not but she made sure that my studies are not getting suffered. My mom always made me study on my holidays for at least 5 hours per day (now thats what we call as torture but anything is legit to get a holiday -so mom's conditions accepted )and my grades were quite good always ;) and so my parents were happy and never forced me to go school when I didn't wanted. But ya only one holiday was allowed in a week after that none of my tantrums worked :P. My teachers always use to get furious when I didn't went to school , but as i was good in studies they just used to scold me for this and leave me ,they even didn't took that seriously :P But  I always use to tell my friends (very proudly) dekha miss mujhe kitna pyaar karti hai ,jab mein nai aati to miss mujhe kitna daant ti  hai  kyunki woh mujhe bauaht pasand karti hai and tereko toh kabhi puchti bhi nai :P :D(miss scolds me because she loves me and misses me alot but she don't even ask about you :P :P) One of my friend rupal always used to get angry red all because my such dialogues :P :P So it was one day before diwali ,my mom had went to temple and as usually I was standing in front of  TV and was dancing like a retard ( I still can't dance :P ) ,I even remember the song it was oh oh jane jaana dundhe tujhe diwana :P

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I had a hard core crush over salman during my childhood I always love watching him and I love his songs too although now it has passed on to ranbir <3 :P :P So the main door was locked as I always use to run out of home and then finding me in a building of 108 houses  was a big deal  for my mom after that,so she always locked the main door and go but people can contact me from the kitchen window ,So i was busy in my dancing business and there is a knock at my window ,I went to my kitchen it was our building sweeper aunty - She smiled at me but i didn't smiled -I stared at her :O(actually as per my mom during those days i never used to smile except for posing in front of camera otherwise I always used to stare people :P :P now please don't ask me why - I have no idea :P ) I asked her yenna venno? (what do you want ?) She told you remember your mom promised to give me a saaree yesterday evening as a diwali gift ? I told yes ,so ? please tell your mom to give me now ,as I will not come tommorow and i don't have anything to wear .... I got really emotional by her words ,I was an emotional fool during my childhood (actually still I am ) As mom was not at home ,so i decided to give her the saaree -I told her to wait there and went to the wardrobe and I took out a really good saare -, I thought she will like it and gave her :P she said  thankyou and went of happily - so- I happy ,she happy ,which indeed made me think will make my mom happy too and i was damn excited to say mom about this incident and thought that mom would be glad because i did such good work :P :P  I was eagerly waiting for her ,i was dancing all over my home like i have went nutz -so mom came - as soon as she opened the door i ran to her screaming Mommmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and got wrapped around her (My excitement levels were always at their peak ,when ever i did something different ) My mom was surprised by seeing me so excited she asked babuu (now that's my pet name - no body should laugh on it :P ) what have you done today haan? ( she asked mischeviously) I narrated the whole incident proudly :P to her .After hearing the whole thing she was shocked  and ran to the wardrobe opened it and asked which saaree did you gave to her ? ? (shockingly ) i told mama that blue wali saari which you wored on chachu's (uncle) wedding :P :P and she told "u mad girl (in gujju ufcourse ) that was my fav saaree and I had wored that only twice" and suddenly my maa turned into maa durga with in a fraction of seconds the only diffrence was she had belen in her hand instead of trishul and  I had too run out of the home before she could catch me :P :P i went to gate running then turned and gave her a look of -"catch me if you can"  and  again started running :P :P

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 yesterday was laughing out loud remembering this but that day the same incident was like my last day on this earth :P :P :D

Wednesday, September 5, 2012



For a minute gunjan was feeling to die but that would eventually affect her family so being strong she decided not to take any wrong step,she will marry arth only for the sake of happiness of her parents. Now gunjan's dad is in his room ,he recives a call from arth's dad ,
Mr arora (arth's dad ) - hello mr singh(gunjan's dad) ,its just to let you know that we need 10 lakhs on the urgent basis
Mr singh - (shockeddddd to hear their last minute demand ),he says, but Mr arora how can i arrange such big amount now
Mr arora - that is your problem Mr singh -I don't know about that ,but if you fail to arrange it ,just conclude that this marriage is not gonna happen
Mr singh-  please don't say like that ,ill arrange 10 lakhs any how ,you please be on time or else my daughter's life would be ruined.
Mr arora - ya ya ,you don't worry about that,you just arrange the money and disconnected the call
Now Mrs and Mr singh is in the state of shock any how he arranged 10lakhs but were really tensed
So arth's baarat enters now - the usual naagin dance is going on (most common in Indian marriages)
Mrs and Mr singh welcoming them
Mr arora ask to Mr singh is the thing i asked,ready ?
Mr singh -yes ,please come in ,ill hand it over to you ,as soon as Mr singh hand overs the bag of money ,Cops enters and caught them red handed (bygod police......that too on time :D  ) Mr arora don't know how to react and in state of big shock ,Mr arora to Mr singh you have not done this right ,you'll pay for this and so on ,Constables takes away Mr arora out of the room ,now there is a deep silence inside...........
Inspector to Mr singh - See giving and taking dowry both are criminal offence you are also supposed to get arrested ,but shrey intervenes ,pleads and says ,Sir he has done all this for the sake of his daughter,please leave him and he convinced the inspector by saying that now he has learnt from it and he will not repeat it please leave him please understand ,so inspector told shrey anyhow even if i am not taking him with me ,case will be filed against him and until court proccedings are over he is not supposed to go out of town and took,Mr Arora and the whole jerk family with him to jail all of them were screaming like animals like,dekhlenge(we will see you)  ,kisi ko nai chodenge (we will not leave any of you),blah blah blah and went to their sasural (jail :P).
Now Mr singh looking at shrey ,who the hell did this ,who called the cops, however i know who did it, but i want to hear from that person's mouth , i ask who did thissssss (in top of his voice angrily ! ) suddenly a voice heard , MAINE (Me) everybody was shocked to hear that voice
HAAN MAINE BULAYA (yes i called) and Mr singh was like tumne par kyun(you ? but why ) - kyun gunjan kyun (why gunjan why )
Shrey was like- mishti was it you ? really ?
Gunjan yes shrey it was me ,papa i heard your phone call with arth's dad on a parallel line- and papa still you asking me why ?
Mr singh - but what was the need ,i was giving them the money na ,then why you did such thing ?
Gunjan- yes you were giving them the money ,but were you ready to give them such amounts of money lifelong ? what would you do when you will not have any money and they would have burnt me or murdered me by any other means all because you didn't gave them money ,would at that point also your so called izzat (prestige) would have been more important to you than your daughter
Mr singh - with heads down realizes his mistake ,He said beta my choice eventually turned wrong for you ,I don't know how i choosed something like this for you , I really don't know how to apologize to you - It was my mistake ,I am sorry but still asks beta now who will marry you after all this ?
Gunjan - papa you still...(before she could speak some thing more) A voice said - ME
before gunjan or anyone can find out who was he , somebody was on his knees in front of gunjan - Gunjan was shocked to see shrey in front of her like this - he held gunjan's hand and says
"Today i don't have any flowers or ring to support me to convey my feelings to you but i wanna say that the day when you told me about your marriage ,i was not able to sleep whole night or  was never the same after that news, it was like some one is taking away my life in front of my eyes and i am not able to do anything to gain it back but today when you called me here and hugged me ,i came to realize that you are the one whom i am going to love till my last breathe and see who knewed that i will be able to say all such things  to you but yes god has given me a second chance to get you and i won't miss that at any cost - Mishti today i wanna say that I love you more than anything in this world ,I love you with all have -would you give me the privilege to grow old with you? ,Misthi -I love youuuuuuuuu <3 <3"

Gunjan looked at her parents and they smiled (which meant yes ),gunjan hugged shrey and cried like a baby in his arms and said Yes shrey you are first and last man i am going to love for my whole life -I love you too and started crying again (Awwww)

So moral learnt here
From gunjan's dad is- #soak no more  in the name of your so called pride ,it may affect your family badly

From gunjan is - #soak no more under the emotional attyachar of someone even if they are your parents,some decisions are need to be taken by yourself for betterment of your and their life too

From Arth and his family is - #soak no more in greediness of dowry or else you will be behind the bars one day

From shrey is - #soak no more by hiding your feelings,sometimes your love needs to be expressed in words


Monday, September 3, 2012



she was standing near the window and got a call from shrey
SHREY- hey mishti,so how was it??(excitingly)
GUNJAN - told him the whole incident
SHREY- oh my god !such jerk your parents have choosen for you (surprisingly)
GUNJAN- Shut up!you have no right to say like that -they are my parents
SHREY -ok i am sorry but mishti ,he is not the right guy for you
GUNJAN -i don't know what to do :(
SHREY- go and tell your parents idiot ,they'll understand for sure
GUNJAN-i don't know how to say that they have choosen a wrong man for me ...they'll get hurt shrey
SHREY- no dear ,they'll understand your situation - just go and tell
GUNJAN- ok ,ill try
SHREY- do you want me to talk to your parents ?
GUNJAN- no! that would not be right
SHREY- ok so what's next ,what you gonna do?
GUNJAN - now i am not in the mind to deal with all these ,ill think and ill call you, for now byeee
SHREY -ok byeee ,take care :)
Around one week paased ,still Gunjan was not able to say anything to her parents ,So Shrey decided to deal with it. He went to Gunjan's home and told everything to her parents,but Gunjan's parents were so much influenced by arth and his family that they didn't bothered about what shrey said and ignored him and told him to stay out of their personal matters. Gunjan enters now ,shocked to see shrey there but smiled ,suddenly her dad says,gunjan !if you didn't liked our choice ,you could have told us but what was the need to tell such outsiders about your personal matters (now this is such a emotional drama you see, however her dad didn't liked shrey from first time he met him ,don't know why?  ),shrey was like to say something to gunjan's dad but gunjan hold's his hand ,takes him outside and told him,shrey now you please go from here ,I can't bear your insult nor i can go beyond my dad's word ,please go from here shrey ,I am sorry for whatever happend shrey was like hey please don't say sorry i am always there for you ,you'll find me always at your service when ever you need :) :) and went.

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Now gunjan's dad says - gunjan beta have faith in our choice ,we will never choose anything wrong for you,shrey is a rich business man ,he won't understand our culture and can never understand what a middle class family goes through if their daughter's rishta is broken . See arth is not a bad person ,he is just straight forward (oh yeah !If saying a girl to pay the bill on her date and taking her exam over a cup of coffee is being straight forward ,then yeah he was ) and now her dad throws a biggest dialogue of millenium beta ab hamari izzat tumhare haat mein hain(which means, dear now our so called pride which is greater than your happiness is in your hands) as we have said yes to arth's family and have informed our relatives about it too. Now  overloaded by such emotional drama she said yes for arth ( i mean reallyyy - just imagine guys "yes" for marrying arth ) and as per her dad's plead which was indirectly an order, she didn't spoke with shrey not even on phone :( shrey called her everyday but she didn't attend any of his call ,he even tried to meet her ,but she always resisted and never met) Now almost 3 months passed ,she had met arth quite a couple of times in this period but arth was still the same and she came to know that arth's family was also exactly like arth, his mom was two - faced and his dad was the most stingy person of this universe (Now we came to know that Arth have all such things in his genes itself )
arth's mom said that gunjan should not leave her job after marraige ,and throws a dailogue "you see after all we are not that backward people ,who keep their daughter in law inside four walls of the house (haan haan -mann mein toh laddu futt rahe honge ke paise chhapne wali machine jo ghar aarahi hai) Now its something 3 days left for  gunjan's marriage and after almost 3 months she was going to call shrey - she was really nervous and she knew only shrey can handle her - but rather of calling she texted him inviting him for her marriage - shrey was shocked to see her message ,he called her ,but she didn't picked - she just texted again that it is him whom she needs the most ,please do come. shrey was shattered (but had no idea why its hurting him too much )
Now its the marriage day ,gunjan's mom dad are welcoming the guests and now enters shrey - gunjan's dad was shocked to see him but he didn't wanted to make any drama so silently welcomed him too.shrey now calls gunjan hey i am here ,gunjan told him to come to her room ,shrey entered gunjan's room - gunjan was looking stunning in her red and green shaadi ka joda (marriage gown )she looked like an ancient Indian princess - from up to toe -still her eyes were missing that spark which any bride would have naturally - shrey said , mishtii you look like an angel - gunjan was so full of emotional weight that she could not handle it as soon as shrey said a word she hugged him tightlyy and started crying. shrey hey mishtiiii why are you crying ,if you want i can still stop your marriage ,should i?
Gunjan- no please ,i don't want to go against my parents ,it is just that you are the person i needed today the most ,so called you ,please promise me that whatever happens you will be there beside me- shrey (was really confused ) said mishti you don't need tell that - I am always there for you and left the room



 A sweet,simple,beautiful down to earth girl belonging to an orthodox family.
Yeah her mom and dad were quite old fashioned but believed that education is must for any girl so made gunjan study as much she wanted.She was an M.B.A and now well earning too.She was someone who can make any guy fall on his knees for her 

SHREYANSH :                                          
Also known as “shrey”, A business tycoon. He was tall, dark, handsome and damn sweet person. Guess what? He was our gunjan’s best friend from college times.  :D :D

Both were like made for each other and everyone was like they look so cute together, but as in every love story there are twists and turns our gunjan’s and shrey story was no different.They always laughed out loud when somebody compared them, they were like “we are friends not couple”, both of them never thought from that angle but destiny has its own ways and you have to walk on it :) 

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So here comes a rishta(marriage proposal ) for gunjan.Enters Arth angle , he was also an M.B.A and had quite good job too ,it seemed to be a perfect rishta for gunjan to her parents and her dad immediately said yes for arth with out asking gunjan ( now that’s something very wired – I mean now a days who says yes to a proposal without asking their children but as I said earlier –she belonged to an orthodox family n we can’t help it )And when gunjan’s mom told her about the marriage proposal and showed arth’s photo( he was quite an average looking guy) , she was in the state shock and confused.
Then her dad asked her is there someone else she likes? 
Gunjan-no dad its not like that but
Her dad –then what’s the problem? 
Gunjan –nothing dad.
And as she could never go above her parents ,so she told yes too.
With lots of questions wandering  in her mind, she went in her mom’s room and said the confusion what she is going through – her mom said –dear its very normal what you are going through, every girl goes through this  ,remember I never saw your dad before getting married to him .she smiled but still was not satisfied  by her mom’s explanation ….she went to her room and called shrey
SHREY- hey mishti
(yeah shrey called gunjan as mishti from the first day they met in college )
GUNJAN-shrey(in deep voice and then a long pause) ………..
SHREY – What’s wrong mishti, speak something .
GUNJAN – shrey my parents have fixed my rishta and even said yes on my behalf and I don’t know how to react 
SHREY- …………………( silence- he was quite shocked)
GUNJAN- hello …..shrey ?? are you there ??
SHREY – Yeah tell me ………so are you ready for it ?
GUNJAN- I don’t even know him ,I don’t know what to say
SHREY- mishti relax ! go and meet him ,ask your parents that you want to meet him
GUNJAN- ya ….you are right , I have to meet arth .
SHREY- ohhhh ……his name is arth haan (naughtily)
GUNJAN- shut up , I am in a do or die situation here and you …… (angrily)
SHREY – calm down mishti ,everything will be fine.
GUNJAN- speaking to you always make me fine....thank you :)
SHREY – come on mishti you are my bestiee , don’t be so formal and now go to sleep ,
GUNJAN- yeah ,byeee
SHREY- don’t worry just sleep now without thinking about anything ,byeee ,good night
After talking to shrey, gunjan was so relieved that she slept without any fear or questions in her mind
But that night was really heavy for shrey ,he didn’t sleep that night at all (and he had no idea ,why ?)
Next day morning gunjan said to her parents that she wants to meet arth ,although they believed in not letting children meet before ring ceremony( a fultoo orthodox thinking) but for the sake of gunjan’s plead they agreed. They fixed up their meeting in a coffee shop near gunjan’s office at 4pm,she was really nervous but shrey met her in her office and built her confidence and now it was almost four so gunjan went to the coffee shop.She was heavily tired and after waiting for arth in coffee shop it was almost 4:30
 ( imagine the guy is late on his first date with his would be fiancĂ© …huh) So gunjan ordered a coffee for her and now it was almost 5 but Arth was still missing and finally a guy with a boquet of roses came to gunjan (yeah he was none other than arth) she recognized him as she had seen his photo.
After formal hi and hello (but guess what he didn't even apologized for coming late) arth saw gunjan’s coffee – and asked her “you had coffee without waiting for me “
Gunjan was like – huuuunnnnnnnhhhhhh (surprised)  she asked why wasn’t I supposed to do that
Arth – no its not like that but my mom always waits for my dad
Gunjan (in a shocked state) so what you are expecting me to do for that
Arth – Nothing! but I would have been glad if you had waited for me
Gunjan- yeah I waited for you till 4:30 but you din’t came ,so I just ordered one for my self
Arth – hey hey that’s ok , I don’t want any explanation from you after all its just a cup of coffee (now I really want to hit this guy ….I mean like its you who is going on questioning and when she is giving answers ,you say you don’t need any explanationnnnnnnnnn, you need a psychiatrist dude )
Gunjan was like Oh my god please save me
 Arth ordered a coffee for him too and didn’t even asked gunjan that would she like to have anything else (manner less idiot)
He had his coffee  and guess what he just paid his bill and told gunjan "you see I believe in equality" ( hiding his stinginess in the name of equality )
Gunjan- was like ohkkkkkkkk no issues  and both of them left
Gunjan was really upset with arth’s first impression on her (I know any girl would be after meeting such a loser )
She went home and didn’t speak with anyone and entered in her room