Friday, June 9, 2017

Disguised love

You asked -Will you miss me ?
“Missing you “ is a very small word for the things I’ve started feeling for you or because of you.

And now I am afraid of myself as loving someone makes the person  compelled ,helpless and enslaved-The three things which I’ve always hate but somehow you have still managed to become the circle around which my life has started revolving.

You ask me what I like about you ?
How should I tell you that there is nothing which I don’t like about you.
The way you have encircled my time,
Your deep talking eyes which are stuck over my existence.  
The care which I’ve always longed for.
Your ready to stake life for me attitude and what not which does not make me melt in front of you.

But I am never going to say all these things to you .

I will always laugh at all the promises you make and would take all your words as joke and it may make you think I am stubborn stone as marble but I can’t become a wall of sand in front of you. I am afraid of breaking down.