Friday, December 30, 2011


Its the same thing everyday
be it day
be it night
I am under constant surveillance
from people known
to that stranger on the road ;
the world keeps an tab
on what is none of their business
yet, no one cares
right from the time of birth
even after you are long gone
there is a constant debate
constant argument
about all things mine
about all i want ;
there is a constant battle
between being sane and becoming insane
when all around me are familar faces
trying to coax me into boarding their bus
for the journey that goes nowhere ;
the dreams in which i am living
are the desires of someone else
yet i am asked to live the life i want
stuck in the middle of a busy highway;
I watch the people run around in circles
like a battery operated toy
with no expression
with no joy
living in denial throughout;
lacking the courage to live
the life trapped in their imagination
I find it hard to take;
people run around in circles
trying to build a life
that is already within them
If only they looked inside
If only they looked properly
If only….

although its not my creation but its just to awesome ,so blogging it 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Yes this is the sentence which i hear atleast 15 -20 times a day , i belong to a gujarati  family ,although been born and brought up in chennai .so communicating in Tamil is no big deal for me ....after all its my 19th year here and experience speaks :D. and As being born in a gujarati family so blessed by hindi and gujarati speaking skills too :P
My mom who has been here for almost 23 years , still she is not that much capable to flaunt her speaking skills in Tamil. Although she can deal with everyone with her own way of speaking Tamil which she has named as " kaam chalao tamil"  ,she can understand and she can make her self understood to .Although it was very difficult for her in beginnning , here people should know tamil or they cannot communicate because here there are only few sabjiwala's and autowala's who know hindi for the rest of the people you are supposed to know tamil or you cant survive here. Although that was my mom time .....indeed here also people are changing they also started speaking "kaam chalao hindi" after all the barrier of language is getting down .

 Still people find it really tough here ,I am telling this because i work in a travelling department of a hospital and have to meet lots of people daily on account of ticket booking . The hospital I work in have lots of patients coming from North India and West bengal region so indeed they have no idea of how to speak in Tamil or other way of  communication. The very first word i start to say to them ,the first thing from the opposite side i hear is " Madam aapko hindi aati hai? " with a 100 watts smile. It just makes me smile too.But their anxiety is not worthless because finding people speaking  hindi in chennai is like finding a redrose in desert.

There is one more funny incident with my cousin who recently visited chennai and went for shopping and even wanted to bargain  with out knowing a word of tamil 
the shopkeeper got irritated with him and said "ille ,ille po " (no,no go!) although i pulled him to show some other thing but he juzz remembered the words and thought it means yes in tamil. and when we are about to get an auto he just told that autowala ille ille ,po ....gosh after an hour wait we got one auto that too went away all because of his "ille ,ille po . Then the only way we reached home was by bus dhakke kha kha ke .....this was the small experience of language problem in chennai . 

Tamil is not a problem ,Tamil is really an beautiful language , I love to communicate in Tamil ,but the only problem is people of here must know hindi too .Because it is the common language of India and even here people are accepting this fact and learning hindi and are getting used to "kaam chalao hindi" .

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Yes this is the first thought which came to my mind this morning , 
Love your self ,Like your self,Respect your self .All in all at end its about you not about anyone else . Don't have regrets of mistakes you made in past instead smile because that mistake has given you a new perspective to see forward in life .Don't be ashamed of your self  because you had some awkward moments in your past life ,instead be happy  because in moment you came to know the people who will stand by you after all your mistakes you have done .Every morning is a new beginning ,after rains there are sunny bright days too . see if your not going to try to come up from your sorrows or regrets no one can help you ,you just try and see how many hands come to pull you up from the quick sand of regrets and mistakes .
your view should be some thing like this .......

Even if no one  believes in you ,you got to believe in yourself.
Even if no one believes you can ,you got to believe you can.
But you will believe in yourself ,only when you learn to like  yourself .
you will believe in yourself ,only when you learn to love your self .

so,even if no one likes you,you got to like yourself . Infact,only when you learn to like yourself ,the world will begin to like you.Even if no one loves you,you got to love yourself .Infact,only when you learn to love yourself,the world will begin to love you .

All-in-all, how the world sees you will make only a small difference to   you, but how you see yourself will make all the difference to you

Monday, December 19, 2011


Well this article was by smita shenoy was in a magazine which i read this morning and found this article quite interesting so thought of sharing with everyone .... 

"WHAT IF......" and  "IF ONLY ......"
These two phases haunt us ,through out our lives ,reducing us from confident,self assured individuals  to depressed ,morose budles of nerves.
"what if ....." and "if only ..." are two ends of the same spectrum .  one creates self doubt ,while other is the harbinger of regret .

"what if ....." simply prevents us from fulfilling our dreams because it fills us with a feeling of uncertainty as to whether we are doing the right thing or not .The two words act as a roadblock in the path of individual  progress as well as collective growth .
while it is prudent to observe a certain amount of caution in any work we perform ,it is never advisable to constantly give morbid thoughts about what can go wrong .
Giving it to panic  everytime  we think of accomplishing  a task will only lead to failure and resultant frustration and depression. Continuous suppression  of ideas  and objectives will hamper our physical ,mental and spiritual growth .

Here she gives an example of her friend Meena .
Meena has been thinking of embarking on a world tour with her 
husband for past four years but has never made it past her door step .
The moment she decides to set out ,the monster called 'What if...."
rears it ugly head . She starts preparing a mental questionnaire where each question starts with you gussed it.......

"What if it snows heavily in switzerland and we are trapped ?"
 " What if hurricane katrina strikes New orleans when we are 
   visiting the state ?"
"What if an earthquake strikes japan or china when we are 
    passing through it ?"

Like Meena most of us succumb to the "What if " questionnaire and 
give up many of our dreams  without even attempting .if we reflect on this doubts with a calm and composed mind ,we will realise that most of our doubts are baseless. Most of the so-called hurdles are created in our minds. And if something has to go wrong ,it will. As they say  
'Que sera,sera' or ' whatever will be ,willbe '.
All can we do is to take the necessary precaution and then pray for the best and be prepared for the worst .

If I could narrate the much loved parable of the frog in the well with a slightly modern touch ,it would probably go like this: 
There were two frogs in a well .one set off boldly to see the  world and got enriched by experience .The other remained in the well all his life because a witch had cursed him that through out his life he would have to fight the twin brothers 'what if' and  'if only' and unless he showed courage and wisdom the brothers would win the battle. That was what had happend exactly . Everytime the frog sat on the edge of the well and thought of exploring the earth ,'what if' would visit him and plunge him into panic and doubt. since he was never bold enough to shake it off ,he would leap back into the well and stay there. Soon the years flew by and one day lying on his deathbed ,the frog was visited by other brother 
'if only' . He closed his eyes and thought of innumerable times he had thought of leaving the well ,but had not. If only he had had the courage to do it ,if only he had followed his friend on his journey ,if only he had another chance ,if only.......With these regrets in his mind,the frog breathed its last .

I am sure none of us want to pass our lives -half of it in itself - doubt and the other half in regret . The time to act is now . Take valuable lessons from your past ,use the experience wisely to guide your future and live fully in your present . Only then will you be able to banish the two siblings 'what if' and 'if only' from your life.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


well i have read dis article in magazine n luved it .So thot i shoud share

dis article has been taken from a dairy of a man whu is no more .......

but wat i feel for him after reading dis is ..."His lyf tym was bound ,but his wisdom is tym less"

I'VE LEARNED : *That u cannot make sum one luv u ...all u can do is to be sumone whu can b luved ,the rest is upto dem .
*That its not abt wat u have in lyf ,but its abt whu u have in ur lyf tht counts.
*That u shud always leave loved ones with loving word might be the last tym u see dem :(
*That just becoz sumone doesnt luv u ,the way u want dem to ,doesnt mean they dont luv u with all dey have .
*That no matter how much I care ,sum ppl juzz don't care back

I'VE LEARNED :   *That it takes years to build  up trust ,but nly few seconds r enough to destroy it .
*That u shouldn't compare ur self to the best others can do.
*That u can do sumthing in an instant that will give u heart ache for lyf.
*That we r responsible for wat we do ,no matter how we feel.
*That our background n circumstances may have influnenced  who we r ,but we r responsible for who we becum.
*That either u control ur attitude or it controls u.
*That no matter how bad ur heart is broken ,the world doesn't stop for ur greif .



WANNA MEET?................ INVITE.


HAVE QUESTIONS ?................ASK  OUT.

DON'T LYK IT? ...........SAY IT.

LIKE IT ?.......STATE IT .





I've dreamed many dreams that never came true.
I've seen them vanish at dawn.
But I've realized enough of my dreams, thank God,
To make me want to dream on.

I've prayed many prayers, when no answers came,
Though I waited patient and long,
But answers came to enough of my prayers
To make me keep praying on.

I've trusted many a friend that failed
And left me to weep alone,
But I've found enough of my friends true blue
To make me keep trusting on.

I've sown many seeds that fell by the way
For the birds to feed upon,
But I have held enough golden sheaves in my hands
To make me keep sowing on.

I've drained the cup of disappointment and pain
And gone many days without song,
But I've sipped enough nectar from the roses of life
To make me want to live on.
 well dis sumthing i randomly read on net .....but couldn't resist to share ...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I feared being alone ....until i learned to lyk myself

I feared failure ....until i realized tht ....i nly fail ...when i dont try

I feared ppl's opinion ......until i learned... tht ppl would have opinions about me anyway

I feared rejection ....until i learned have faith in myself

I feared pain ......until i realized......tht it is necessary 4 growth

I feared tht truth......until i saw ....the ungliness  in lies

I feared lyf ......until i experienced .........its beauty

I feared death .....until i realized .....tht its  nt an end but d new begining of  soul

I feared my destiny ......until i realized .......tht i had d power to change it

I feared hate ...until i saw was nothing more than ignorance

I feared love ...until it touched my heart ,making the darkness fade into endless sunny days

I feared redicule ......until i learned to laugh at myself

I feared growing old ......until i realized is nothin but to gain wisdom day by day

I feared future ...until i realized .....tht lyf juzz keep getting better 

I feared past ...until i realized ....tht it could no longer hurt me

I feared change .....until i saw tht the  even most beautiful butterfly has to go through d process 
metamorphosis ....b4 i cud get its wings .....

lyf is simple wat makes it complicated is our fear ..... luv lyf leave fear ......

Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Fake" is d word

"Fake" the most familiar word nowadays .  

fake frnzz ,fake lovers,fake beauty,infact a fake lyf .........
Reality is nowadays losing its virtue .....everyone of us are leading a fake lyf sumwhere .........

 Have we realized tht by living with dis fakeness.....we can show the world tht how happy we are 
but the guilt of fakeness will lead only to lonliness, tht @ one point of time .....all u will b is fake 
e1 2 ur self ...........
I dont understand tht y most of d ppl fear 2 show their reality 2 d world ???
I also understand tht fakeness could give u a temporary pleasure.....but @ d end of tym it also 
temporary only ..........
u could e1 gain frnzz,u can e1 find love wid dis fakeness .......
but remember ppl  r nt ur frnzz , dey r frnzz of ur fakeness .......
d luv u get by being fake will nly last till ur fake personality is der .....
n  no one can  be a fake whole lyf......can dey ??? no!
n d day wen ppl will cum to noe abt ur fakeness dey will leave u ......wid hatred ....
as we all noe.... no matter hw hard we try to hide truth behind walls day it is gonna cum out ..........
n tht hatred of ppl which a person will get will b unbearable and  painful ........
 i noe lonliness can automatically lead to fakeness .......
but dont u think lonliness is farmore better than d after effects of fakeness??
as per i believe ....
"lonliness is much more better than fakeness,coz lonliness is nt for  whole lyf...i firmly believe tht ,someone ,somewhere, is always made  for u "
"If God has sent u to live in dis world  ,den he  has surely sent sumone to live for u in dis world"
so plzz dont lose dat person coz of ur fake persona .......:) :) :)