Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Some nice feelings..:-)

♥ When You Realize that you are valued by Someone..
♥ When You Get Ready & Someone Says that you are Looking Good..
♥ When Everyone Got Their Icecream Cups Except You & Someone Give You their own
♥ When Someone Knows Your Favourite Songs & Play only those songs When You are around..
♥ When Someone Call You or Text you For No Reason..
♥ When Someone is Excited to See you Everytime..
♥ When Someone Tries to Find Reason To Talk To You.. So.....
Whenever you Find that "Someone" Do VALUE Them because Everybody Doesnt Get That Someone..♥♥♥

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Admit your Heart


I broke up with him today.
I told him I wasn’t happy.
He didn’t even ask why.
I thought he would ask me to stay.
But he didn’t. He just let me go.
And just like that,
I lost the guy I waited for so long.


She broke up with me today.
She said she wasn’t happy.
I was too hurt to ask why.
I wanted to stop her from leaving.
But if she’s not happy with me, there’s no way I can make her stay.
So I just let her go.
Just like that,
I lost the girl I’ve been dreaming of for so long..