Monday, October 20, 2014

He said :)


Hold my hand and walk with me, why are you afraid?

Love and time have their own healing powers as it is always said.

Come along and ill confine all your fears in my heart,
Give me your dreams and ill make it an art.

Don’t stop even if the past haunts you to the core,
I am with you and your loneliness are not lonely anymore.

Smile, my tomorrows are beautiful only because of it,
And together, yes together we have our future to knit.

Vinisha shah :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014


A child makes a family complete – children are the universe of their parents.
Our life revolves around our children.
we try to save them from all the things which can hurt them.
We can never see our children in pain and when they fall ill our world halts there. Especially rainy season we have to take care of them much as their immunity level drops and they are more prone get diseases like fever, cold, etc
So as it is said prevention is better than cure – and ayurveda is best at it –natural and with no side effects it has a treasure of homemade remedies which our grandma’s used to tell us (dadi ma ke nuskhe) remember.
But in this busy world we don’t have time to spend time on collecting ingredients and making remedies and giving it to our children
Dabur a well known brand in providing best ayurvedic remedies in this modern busy world
Now what should we do to give immunity to save our children from the attack of various viruses and bacteria ,chywanprash a blend of many herbs and spices  which is proven to give immunity at its best this season .
So if our children are happy we are happy too. Besure with dabur chywanprash daily  and  relax. Our children are in the safe hands.
I used to remember how my mom used to run behind me with that white and red packing of dabur chyawanprash although it used to taste good but didn't like that little spicy taste but as it is said ayurvedic things will taste little bad but it has so many advantages with no side effects.
We can not  keep a watch on our children for whole day as somewhere they are attacked by bacteria or viruses but if we have given them the dose of immunity as one spoon full of dabur chywanprash we can be free and relax as dabur chyawanprash will do its work.
Because if we resist children from playing or anything our children will become rebellious and that would be unfair too .
So unnecessarily being too strict on what they are eating and where they are going just give them their spoon of health daily in the morning with a glass of milk and let them be free as you know we live 2014 and restricting our children will be very unfair on their child hood –so let your children enjoy and you relax.
It has more 40 herbs and dabur is a very trusted brand  from past so many years ,on which you can blindly trust and I am sure you wont be regretting it ,so be sure and let your child enjoy their child hood.
For more details visit dabur website where you can know more about it.



Diwali a time to forget all the differences, grudges and come together in festive spirit.
You know what, we Indians are very lucky to have so many festivals one after another an each and every one of the festival giving an opportunity to come together.
Diwali is one of the festivals among it - Bringing families closer, since forever.
Now the question is do we actually make an effort to join our families in diwali?
How easily we say na that ma – paa this diwali I can’t home, have so many commitments –my leave has not been sanctioned, my boss has not signed my leave application etc stuff
But do we are actually making an effort?
Because if we were, we would have definitely joined our families during this time.  
Just watch this beautiful ,nostalgic video from pepsico and try to make an effort 
This is the time when our family needs us the most because festivals are not celebrated alone.
You know what, may be you are some body’s son or daughter –husband or wife –father or mother and if you are away from your home due to the circumstances make an effort to rejoin them as no circumstance is bigger or important than a loving family. Ultimately they are one who is going to be with you not your circumstances or your work.
I still remember being an Gujarati- My mom used to make ghughra (a sweet filled with khoya and dry fruits) chorafari, papad puri, fafda (Type of snacks of course pronounced as snakes)
And it was rule that these delicacies are prepared only during diwali.
They all taste just so good only when mom makes it no matter how much effort I take to make them, I don’t like its taste. They say an maa ke haath ka khaana –maa ke haath ka khaana hota hai :)
Not only food ,decorating home with colourful kandils and lightning lamps etc was also a part and parcel of this festival.Belonging to a jain family we were not supposed to burst crackers but making rangoli ,lightning lamps near door decorating home with small led lights was so much fun.
Don't we miss all those days during this time. Home was filled laughter ,jokes of cousins,uncle and aunties.
Those some nosy aunties saying aare beta kitne bade hogaye ? kanusa course kar rahe ho stuff.
It used to be so irritating but those were the moments we are missing now,right?
so much fun it used to be. so diwali is the time were we have to be with our family because when we needed them they were with us. so now its our duty to fullfill our parent's needs.They used to be there whenever we need them till now they are connected with us through phones and internet but still that personal touch somewhere lacks.Our parents will not tell us, we have to take an effort to read their mind voice and atleast visit them once or twice a year.So they will also have sense of security that our children are there to take of us and we are just one call away from them.
So this diwali make an effort to reach home and bring smiles :) :)