Monday, July 23, 2012


All he left behind was a letter and a life full of regrets :( 

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Today I am realizing why without saying anything  you ,silently left ……
I am sorry but, I never wanted to be your life’s worst regret

I don’t know when the  journey of “you and me” turned to “we”, but ,It happened for all good,
And I don’t know how passing time made me that rude

I lived a beautiful time of my life along with you
But today I realized that I don’t deserve to be your beau

I have always hurted you by my words and behaviour
And you expected that all life ill be your saviour

Today I regret for all the tears I gave
And for all the broken promises which once I made

I don’t know how I gave you so much pain
And made your eyes all night rain

I realized all this things only when you left
All now I can do is a life long regret

I don’t know if ever again paths of our life will cross or not
But the only thing I wanna say you is that I love you alot

If fate lead us to meet somewhere in the road of life ,this is  just I  wanna say you
Please come back to me ,I promise that ill change for you

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

THOSE DAYS ...........

Today sitting near the window,I think how times have changed .........
It was the same rainy season ,I remember how you used to come around with a cup of coffee
you always knew this season make me feel low , but u also knew how to bring a smile on my face :)
Today remembering those days

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Those days when it was your guitar and my lyrics

Those days when there were my sudden mood swings ,but you always used to stand by me

Those times when I used to feel low ,and your those little efforts to make me smile

Those times when the poetry was yours and words in it  were mine

Those time when your happiness used to be the reason of my smile 

Those days when tears were mine and the tissue to wipe them away was yours

Those days when our relationship was like shoes and laces ,without each other ,we were incomplete

Those days when we we used to live for each other

Those days used to be so special ,still tears are mine and memories are yours,the only diffrence is you are not here with the tissue to wipe them away :'(

Still i am thinking of those days ........sitting near the same window ,there are rains, there is coffee but the only thing missing is you :(