Saturday, November 30, 2013

Back after 10 months :D :D

Heya ,All the beautiful people ,Its been almost 10 months that I haven't even saw my blog.
So many things have changed ,infact I have changed.I'll tell You all but need little time ,many ups and downs ,but still managed to move on,forget all and smile :) :)
So got little time now as I just settled down a inch in my new work place , got accepted my colleagues and made many friends ,and now I am at my comfort zone here :P So guyzz in this 10 months ,got a new job ,got a degree ,yeah now I am an graduate :P ;) Allthough my job and study has no relavance at all. :P But still life is great.loving my job ,very hectic & challenging.Yeah so now i have decided to put my little concentration on my blog too .... I know you people would have missed me and my blogposts alot (self obsessism , you know :P) ,so guyz wrapping up for a day ,cya in evening or may be tomorrow. At the end love you all :) :)