Saturday, May 12, 2012

My first attempt of making dosa :P know its really kinda tough when your mom is not at home and you have to cook by your self and its like mountain to carry on your shoulder when don't even know the C of Cooking,,,and then you hear in background ,what your mom tells you daily which you take inside from an ear and dump it out from other ....the word  "Kuch mat karo but  kam se kam khaana banana to sikh lo ".....and now you regret why you don't know to cook ,anyways  now your mom has went for a party and there is no maggie at home and you are so lazy to get down to buy it .........then again in background a voice of your mom " karlo abhi saare nakhre , jab akele kuch banana padega tab pata chalega " mom is mom ....u can't argue with her and today her words like some bhavishyavani ,were coming true :P

The next step was to check out the fridge , most of the time it has been my saviour from a terrorist called hunger :D ,but today ,he also ditched me .....:O the only thing i found inside was a wet dosa flourrrr.....just imagine......:O
i mean what to do with it ,I have never made dosa in my lifeee :P as anyother thing :P except maggie

but now its the only thing available I decided lets make dosa .......i have never made it but seen my mom making it many times ,so i thot lets give it a i was like Oh god wish me luck ..........but to my surprise after one dosa which just got glued to the pan dint came out  - and i was like - aaja bahar aaaja , mein tujhe kha nai jaungi ,-:P  the second one came of quite well :P so here i am posting the pics of my first attempt in making dosa ,:D :D


Ritika said...

Wow..that does look yum and crispy !

I wonder when my first time will come :D

vinisha said...

hehe...thankss ritikaaaa.......i really hopes it comes soon....its really fun to cook ,yeah sometimes indeed :P

a gal in city said...

earlier I have also tried it, but it was worse in taste and looks as well ;P

vinisha shah said...

@monica , Hehe mine also is the same case you see , it was fully burnt :P :P