Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I am a Blackberry Girl :D

Don't you hate monday morning?obviously yes , why am I asking? ,and you hate it more when you have to attend your college classes by morning 7am and after attending your classes you have to rush to your office yeah part time job,all because you just can't survive with your pocket money, what your parents give you and so no matter how much you hate your boss, no matter how sort of dog he is.... you have to face him with a smile and then you have your tutions,where you are supposed to study seriously,damn and now you just might have come to know that it is  not possible to carry your lappy everywhere..especially when you have so much work to do.Its the only time when you return home and  finally just got excited that you got some what time to check your notifications on facebook and its even more exciting when you are used to get daily notifications and messages like upto 50 to 60 and as you have just logged in  ,its your mom who starts her stuff ,that you have to do household chores also and says you are a girl don't forget that I mean how can anybody forget that mom! but it doesn't matter how much you love facebook, how long your crush has been waiting for you online , how much is there to gossip about your friend who recently updated her relationship status ,but no u have to shut down you lappy and help mom :/ :/ 
After all this dark nights, yeah the above written stuff can be considered as dark night in my life , there comes a day,known as my birthday :P and mah lovlies, my mom and dad gifted me a Blackberry Torch :D :D Yeahhhhhhhh..........cool gift na  :D :D now just imagine my bestiee also have a blackberry ,so now we can officially sing yeah "we are the blackberry girls" anthem :P now life just so easy , i can be 24 hours online ,when ever and wherever I want :D :D,can be at college,tutions ,office or helping mom,can simultanuesly stalk my crush's profile ,answer my notifications,messages.Yeahhhh seriouslyyyy Internet is fun  ,when the access is just in your hand , now i am so loving my life , Internet access on just a touch has seriously made my life easier and nowdays its fun too :) :)

P.S-This is my entry for the indiblogger contest "Internet is fun".


Saurabh Chawla said...

hey nice post :D liked your cheerful attitude :) here look at this one too


vinisha said...

heyyy thankkk you .....and ya checked your post also ......it was really good

Punit Dubey said...

nice writeup :)
We are Android guys :P

vinisha said...

@punit .....hahaha.......thankuu ..:) :)

new-gadgets-hot said...

sounds good

vinisha said...

@new gadgets : thank youuuuuu :) :)