Thursday, January 19, 2012

Being Gujju :D

Hey people being a gujju  I am gonna tell u all some of our secrets.
But there is a condition ,that is you  can laugh with us ,but no matter what, u are not supposed to laugh on us :D

So how to find a typical Gujju admist all....

$ If you consider spongebob as Dhokla "yeah you are a Gujju " :P
$ We pack according to 5 nights, 6days, hoiliday for a one day picnic :D

$ We take the constitution seriously,that's why everyone is either our BHAI or BEN ;)

$ If you don't watch 'Taarak mehta ka ooltah chasma' ,you aren't a gujju my friend  :/

$ The ultimate gift a gujjju can give is a cover with Rs 500 + 1 :)

$ If you don't go for navratri, you don't exist :O

$ We can talk about share markets ,anytime,anywhere :O

$ If its veg, edible and free......we eat it  :D

$ We eat home made theplas in business class flights ;)

$ The bongs(bengali's) and marus (marwari's ) may say "miss calls"  was their creation, But miss call on skype is totally Gujju :)

$ Everyone is always invited to a Gujju home for a lunch and fed like you have come from the groom's side :P

$ If a Gujju starts "coffee with karan" He would name it "chass with chagan " ;)

$ 15 or 50 no matter what age you are ,your parents will yet refer you as Babo or Baby :O

$ Boomer is not a chewing gum, Its a chigum :P

$ If you don't like jalebi-fafda ,then you are not a Gujju :)

$ If you are a Gujju ,then you must be having atleast 30 Contacts in cell phone ending with "Bhai" ;)

$ Its not cheap for us ,Its chip :D

There is lot more but aur type nai hota mujhse ,its a time to have jalebi-fafda break , for today its more than enough will keep updating more about us ,we just rock :D :) :) :)


DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

LOL enjoyed it !
see you don't need a third man to come and tease you.. you tease yourself :) funny.. NO offence :P

vinisha said...

yeah,we love to have fun ,it doesn't matter if the jokes are on us ,or someone else, until its funny we can laugh over it :D:D:D

tips-trik said...

very nice blog

vinisha said...

thanks alot :)

Surender Markam said...

Very funny!!! I think, few days ago #Gujju (forgot the exact hashtag) trended on the twitter coz of this post. :D

vinisha said...

coz of this post ???

Ana_treek said...

Thepla, ohhhh!my favorite! All gujju food, I just love it..nice post..reminded me of that song, "G-U-J-J-U" from kal ho na ho :D

vinisha said...

thanks alot ,loved to know that u liked the post...:):) yeah kal hona ho gujju song is epic ,who can forget that :)

Arpit Shah said...

I dont watch Taarak Mehta, nor go to Navratri but still i'm a proud gujju :P
well written vinni :)

Nirmal Shah said...

bau aghro hathodo maryo aa post ma Vinisha, like once Mukesh Ambani said "Some people try real hard to be smart while some are just born Gujaratis". Lol

vinisha said...

@Arpit .....aap, aap hai ,..btw i also don't go for navaratri...garba hi nai aata :P

vinisha said...

@nirmal...yeah we just rock ...:D