Thursday, December 8, 2011


well i have read dis article in magazine n luved it .So thot i shoud share

dis article has been taken from a dairy of a man whu is no more .......

but wat i feel for him after reading dis is ..."His lyf tym was bound ,but his wisdom is tym less"

I'VE LEARNED : *That u cannot make sum one luv u ...all u can do is to be sumone whu can b luved ,the rest is upto dem .
*That its not abt wat u have in lyf ,but its abt whu u have in ur lyf tht counts.
*That u shud always leave loved ones with loving word might be the last tym u see dem :(
*That just becoz sumone doesnt luv u ,the way u want dem to ,doesnt mean they dont luv u with all dey have .
*That no matter how much I care ,sum ppl juzz don't care back

I'VE LEARNED :   *That it takes years to build  up trust ,but nly few seconds r enough to destroy it .
*That u shouldn't compare ur self to the best others can do.
*That u can do sumthing in an instant that will give u heart ache for lyf.
*That we r responsible for wat we do ,no matter how we feel.
*That our background n circumstances may have influnenced  who we r ,but we r responsible for who we becum.
*That either u control ur attitude or it controls u.
*That no matter how bad ur heart is broken ,the world doesn't stop for ur greif .


GamingGarage@Sampath said...

You can google for nice template..Present one is somewhat old..
arrange ur wigets properly :)
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keep blogging vinisha :)

vinisha shah said...

juzz chk out nw ,made sum changes ny further improvement needed ?

Sampath said...

Nw its looking Good vini :)
Try for the adsence..
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i fell into that trap i gt disabled.:(
All d best for u :)

vinisha shah said...

hmmm ya thnzz alott ...:)