Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Yes this is the first thought which came to my mind this morning , 
Love your self ,Like your self,Respect your self .All in all at end its about you not about anyone else . Don't have regrets of mistakes you made in past instead smile because that mistake has given you a new perspective to see forward in life .Don't be ashamed of your self  because you had some awkward moments in your past life ,instead be happy  because in moment you came to know the people who will stand by you after all your mistakes you have done .Every morning is a new beginning ,after rains there are sunny bright days too . see if your not going to try to come up from your sorrows or regrets no one can help you ,you just try and see how many hands come to pull you up from the quick sand of regrets and mistakes .
your view should be some thing like this .......

Even if no one  believes in you ,you got to believe in yourself.
Even if no one believes you can ,you got to believe you can.
But you will believe in yourself ,only when you learn to like  yourself .
you will believe in yourself ,only when you learn to love your self .

so,even if no one likes you,you got to like yourself . Infact,only when you learn to like yourself ,the world will begin to like you.Even if no one loves you,you got to love yourself .Infact,only when you learn to love yourself,the world will begin to love you .

All-in-all, how the world sees you will make only a small difference to   you, but how you see yourself will make all the difference to you


Anonymous said...

be so happy that when other see at you they should feel happy too :)

let me try this .. the one you said in your blog are so damn true yet so tough to follow including me ..

vinisha shah said...

thnxx ya ...:)