Monday, August 6, 2012

Thanks for coming in my life :) :)

So, I really dont know what to write  about friendship ,because i came to know what friendship means from some extraordinary species. Before meeting them my life use to revolve around me and my family. Till my high school i only had one best  friend , an she was so helpful in every aspect of my life that i never felt ill be needing some one else  because i believe in a saying have one good friend rather than 1000 fake friends ,so thats it -she was all ,she knewed all my secrets ,i used to share everything with her -thats it life was really cool - i never felt i must be having a gang of friends  or something -all though there were other class mates too but never got close with anyone -I am kinda reserved person , i need my own time ,my own space to get familiar ,i can't get that easily involved ,i love to make friends but need my own time to get mix with them. and i even hate back bitching people too ,so really choosy about making friends So that was all but really friends are the most important part of life learnt when "she" my best friend got married and settled out of town ,now that was the worst part.although no one can fill her space in my life, but it was the time to create space for some other people too - It was the time to get the college admissions- -haha- official place to make friends and hangout -was so damn excited-new place and new friends  -but in my life nothing goes as planned - was just about to get my admission forms  ,there comes a job offer -and it was so good that i was convinced that i have to do  this job. So college admission form became trash and went into a dust bin -And here  in job atmosphere everybody so involved in their own work that they  have no time even to speak to some one else so no frnzz here too but now have some really good colleagues here -the only best part here in this job was facebook - yeah when i joined here i never knew facebook existed also ,but slowly and steadily got addicted to it,all though people say fb frnzz are not real ones and wont be able to help you in your problems, they are fake and etc stuff - but for me the whole scenario was different - i really got good friends here -its almost been two years and they are still the best part of my life - they are always there for me when i need - to solve my problems , to make me smile at my worst days ,talking with them can make my day ,they have really became best of my frnzzz , i used to be so upto me but they thot me some really wonderful lessons of my life ,they accepted me the way i am -  today really wanna dedicate this poem to all of my friends who on otherside have became a part of my life .....i know this is not that good but can't find more words to write down -
 You people came in my life without any reasons
And I know ,you all are gonna be with me forever in all the seasons 

No matter how much i feel low or bad 
You are always there to turn my mood happy form sad    

I know with my stupid talks sometimes i may bore you to the core 
Still I know You will always be there by my side and that's what i adore 

you can always make my day more bright 
And  I never know when you all became such inseparable part of my life :)

From unknown to friends ,from friends to best friends ,from best friends to family were our evolution trends ,
I don't know were life will take us ,but i am sure even if we met again after a long break ,we know we will always be the best of friends :) :)


Samir said...

Hey loved it ggvm & u even remembered ur fb friends... u r a wonderful frnd urself buddy

subhorup dasgupta said...

what a wonderful and heartfelt post. the intensity of your feelings have truly come across in this post. not a very frequent visitor to your blog, but after this post, will be back for more. thanks for sharing. keep at it.

vinisha said...

@subhorup sir ....thanxzz alot :) :) glad you liked it
P.S - welcome to my blog :)

vinisha said...

@samir bhai .....thankxzz alot and i had too after all ,fb friends to a large extent have became as a
part of my life :) :)

Panchali said...

Awesome is the word that came to mind after reading this piece, On further reflection I can say it's also poignant and pathos filled.... Your emotions and pride for your friends come seething through....hope you add me also in your list of virtual friends... :))
Thanks for sharing..

AmitAag said...

...depth and warmth of your post is that I loved about it, Vinisha:)All the best:)

vinisha said...

@panchali mam - thankzzzz alot mam ,Its really an honour to have such beautiful comment from you ,and regarding that list of friends ,you are already added :) :)

vinisha said...

@amit sir -thankszz alot glad to recieve your comment here :)

Arti said...

Wonderful and heartfelt! I am a lot like you when it comes to choosing friends so this post resonated with me even more, the poem complemented the entire write up so beautifully in the end! Loved reading this, keep writing :)

vinisha said...

@arti -thankzz alot for such beautiful words - i still remember you people encouraged me to write when i was really very new in this field and still you are doing so ,although i am really immature in this feild till now, have to learn many things from you all :) :)

vinisha said...

@alka mam.... firstly so sorry ,by mistakenly your comment was deleted ......but really happy to know how cutely your daughter and her friend issue was resolved ....actually mam that is what i call as friendship :) :) sorry again