Sunday, February 1, 2015


For today’s youth, that's us ;), logging onto a computer or phone and typing rapidly is second-nature.
I mean just look at all the texting we do, whereas picking up the phone and actually answering someone is often an alien notion.
In many ways it seems to fit in well with the younger generation, who seem to be happier to type rather than to speak on the phone.
One of the beauties of chatting is that receivers don’t need to be on hand when you send a text. Texting or chatting makes it easy to relay a casual message.
Phone calls require that we think quickly and then respond off-the-cuff; and if you’re the type of person who likes to weigh options, consider outcomes and then respond accordingly, phone calls put you at a serious disadvantage.
Here I have listed some of the advantages of chatting over phone call conversation.
·        It more than makes up for it with efficiency and clear communication.
·        Chat is very easy to access.
·        Chat offers the better level of communication, engagement and feedback than phone does.
·        There isn’t any queue; you don’t have to mess with different accents or trying to understand someone over all the background noise.
·        You can have access to a chat transcript for further reference, while you can't obtain a copy of your conversation on the phone.
·        One can multi-task and talk to multiple customers at the same time.
In short, chat offers a quick and easy way to talk without the message getting lost.
Chat is conversation I could control — utterly. I get to say exactly what I want exactly when I want to say it. It consumes no more time than I want it to and, to a much greater degree than is possible with a phone call, I get to decide if it takes place at all.

Trust me; you don’t want to be the obnoxious chatter bug in the quiet waiting room. In hushed settings, it’s more respectful to carry on with the calm tone of the room by sending a text message.
Just imagine, you’re just dozing off after a busy day when your phone rings and the person starts asking all the details about the product. How irritating, isn’t it?
Phone numbers, addresses, show times and recipe ingredients—these are all straightforward, brief messages that are easier to read and save than to remember from a phone conversation. Chatting, on the other hand, has the distinct advantage of being permanent, achievable and searchable, and allows prior conversations to be referenced and reviewed for accuracy or to refresh your memory. 
Setting time-based goals for your chats? Much easier. Set aside a certain amount of time to answer texts, and then take care of them when it’s convenient.

With Quikr Nxt, buyers and sellers can immediately connect with each other through chat across Quikr's mobile app, mobile site and even its desktop site. This feature will transform India's online classifieds market as it enables users to communicate with each other at their convenience and request more details about the product or service, without requiring a single phone call.

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