Sunday, December 7, 2014


Shopping………………………………………  I mean like who doesn’t love shopping especially in girl’s case  :P
You know what nothing can uplift my mood rather than shopping but now the problem is that I can get upset over certain things (silly things )at mid night or such odd timings when I can’t go n shop , you know na, now at midnight who would keep the shop open and wait that vinisha’s mood is going to get upset let us keep the shop open? :P funny but true  but what should I do about my moods :P

So here comes to my rescue -------online shopping :D :D Its like some body has thought regarding moody people like me  and made this thing :D :D  Its  heaven Phewww…..
Now as usual it was almost midnight 3’Am and I was upset over a silly fight with my best friend  :( :(

So shopping was necessary :D Now the question arises where should I shop :P
Recently one of my colleague had bought one outfit from JABONG.COM and was very happy with the fit and service.So I thought lets give it a try.
Now the question is that what should I buy??
Ufcourse this is the biggest problem when you shop due to mood swings :P :P

Now my budget was 500rs because  if don’t keep the budget then I would end up shopping until my whole pocket money of the month gets over. So budget is necessary and I would thank my thinking that I had kept the budget because JABONG.COM had so many offers which were hard to resist and I would had ended up shopping above my limits :D
So I love bags to the core  be it a clutch , tote or sling, I just love them all. 
So it was decided that I would buy a sling bag as my current sling bag was quite old.
I was so amazed with the site, It was so easy and user friendly that it takes just seconds to find exactly what you want under your budget. 
I Just typed the price from 0 to 500 and there are so many product I found under that price.
so I just ordered the bag shown below

The estimated delivery date was after 15 days but that was ok ,I din’t mind but to my surprise it was delivered just after 5 days and I was really happy and jumping the packing was really good and the product  was intact and just the same what I had ordered .

With I really had a awesome experience and  I would definitely recommend for  people who are looking for good online shopping sites :)

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