Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Love - A beautiful feeling - Its so wonderful to be in a relationship with someone.
That secure feeling that someone will be always there in your ups and downs.
That beautiful feeling of someone being by your side at your worst and best time.
The one with whom you are going to spend your whole lifetime.
Being a girl it matters to me the most that my partner should be the one who can stand by me whenever I need him.

The story of samaira and saras is something which has changed my whole perspective on seeing the relationships.
Samira a 23years old happy go lucky girl and on this side saras a 35 year old ,business tycoon -very charismatic at the same time a man of principles and discipline.
Apart from their substantial age and thinking differences they fell for each other and got married.
After some years of their marriage they  started losing that chemistry which used to be between them.
samaira here who was busy looking after the children and this side saras was busy in his business they almost had forgotten the love that used to be between them.
It is one day when samaira fell ill and saras left everything for her and took care of her, it is them when both realized that how much they both matter to each other and how after so many years of marriage they started taking each other for granted, It is then they promised that everything will be placed after their love and they will never let anybody to come between them.
So with this I can come up to this conclusion that
On the road ,it is not the question of whose mistake,but the question of whose life.
If you want to be alive you have to make the adjustments . Blaming makes no sense on the road.
As it is with road , so it is with our relationships. It is not the question of whose mistake,but the question of whose life.When your relationship gets disturb ,it disturbs your happiness. Without happiness what is life?
so even with relationships blaming makes no sense.The quality of a painting is the painter's responsibility. The quality of statue is the sculptor's responsibility, similarly the quality of your relationships is your responsibility and yours alone. In the road of life, in dealing with traffic called relationships ,it is not the question of whose mistake, but the question of whose life? Instead of expecting the world to change towards you ,change your approach towards the world . life thrives on relationships. Get your relationships right and you will get your life right. 
Just look at this beautiful video if nimrat and parambrata and see how they bring back their lost touch 
                                                                     JUST GO TO THIS LINK OF PARACHUTE


Bhavikk Shah said...

Hi Vinisha
Its a Fantastic Write up and beautifully presented...
Great keep it up.
And Thanks for your visit and
Have a wonderful day Ahead :)
Bhavikk Shah

Anita said...

Nicely expressed, Vinisha.
Truly, when we are sick, that time touch is even more imporatnt.
I am so glad when there are happy endings :)

vinisha shah said...

Thanks so much bhavik :)

vinisha shah said...

@anita.... Thanks a lot and i love happy endings too :)