Sunday, October 19, 2014


Oh my god! I am late again, no ways – I can’t be late today, foreign delegates are about to come and my boss had told me to come early and I am late, oh no!
I went grab my clothes – Dressed up in my usual office attire.
A phone rings, “vinisha boss in the office and asking for you urgently” but how to reach? I am yet to finish my makeup, oh god no time and without make up I can’t attend such important meeting, what to do now?
Yesterday only I had bought  garnier bb cream for trial –but you know trials are done in the free time not when you are supposed to look perfect but now that was the last option coming into my mind as there Is no time to apply foundation ,compacts ,blush etc because of no time left with me. If I sat applying all these things my boss would have killed me.
So now garnier bb cream prescribed by my favorite, gorgeous actress deepika padukone, which I had bought yesterday only, comes to my rescue. As this was the first time with it, It was like taking a risk and if this don’t work out well, I’ll be looking like a worst night mare for my company and would have spoiled the meeting as you know being the conveyer in the meeting I had to look perfect as I was the face of the meeting and if I didn’t I would had ended up losing my job.
Now garnier bb cream was the last thing left in this world for me. My skin, like me is something which doesn’t accept the new things easily- blah: P Now this is a very risky time to experiment over your skin.
But as I dint had any option and garnier is quiet a trusted brand over the years, I gave a second thought over it.
Ok I grabbed my bag and get in a taxi-hopefully lucky as got a taxi in 2 minutes –hurray
I hastily pull out a mirror –rub my face with cotton and open the newly experimenting garnier bb cream and apply its dots all over the face and neck and massage it slightly over it,so my skin absorbs it.
Wow! To my surprise my skin absorbs it quickly and easily.
And now if I see my face in mirror,  
The little dark circles around  my eyes are visibly reduced.
Some spots over my skin are also very much hidden.The pores are also closed .
Again wow!
The thing which a foundation or primer would have done after so much effort and after that also your make up could have ended up looking cakey this garnier bb cream had done so easily with no effort at all and it blended in the face so easily that nobody can say I had applied anything over it. It made me look so natural or naturally beautiful –I can say.
I needed nothing over my face after this just a lip gloss and that’s it. I am done, before reaching my office I had finished my makeup.
Finally reached my office and the first compliment I get is what treatment you have went overnight your skin looks so good.
Finally meeting went off so well all thanks to my favorite deepika padukone who recommended this otherwise I would have never bought it
Garnier bb cream you rock! Biggest rescuer of my life and it’s my daily savior now.

p.s this is my entry for the indiblogger contest under #garnier bb cream

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