Sunday, October 19, 2014


A child makes a family complete – children are the universe of their parents.
Our life revolves around our children.
we try to save them from all the things which can hurt them.
We can never see our children in pain and when they fall ill our world halts there. Especially rainy season we have to take care of them much as their immunity level drops and they are more prone get diseases like fever, cold, etc
So as it is said prevention is better than cure – and ayurveda is best at it –natural and with no side effects it has a treasure of homemade remedies which our grandma’s used to tell us (dadi ma ke nuskhe) remember.
But in this busy world we don’t have time to spend time on collecting ingredients and making remedies and giving it to our children
Dabur a well known brand in providing best ayurvedic remedies in this modern busy world
Now what should we do to give immunity to save our children from the attack of various viruses and bacteria ,chywanprash a blend of many herbs and spices  which is proven to give immunity at its best this season .
So if our children are happy we are happy too. Besure with dabur chywanprash daily  and  relax. Our children are in the safe hands.
I used to remember how my mom used to run behind me with that white and red packing of dabur chyawanprash although it used to taste good but didn't like that little spicy taste but as it is said ayurvedic things will taste little bad but it has so many advantages with no side effects.
We can not  keep a watch on our children for whole day as somewhere they are attacked by bacteria or viruses but if we have given them the dose of immunity as one spoon full of dabur chywanprash we can be free and relax as dabur chyawanprash will do its work.
Because if we resist children from playing or anything our children will become rebellious and that would be unfair too .
So unnecessarily being too strict on what they are eating and where they are going just give them their spoon of health daily in the morning with a glass of milk and let them be free as you know we live 2014 and restricting our children will be very unfair on their child hood –so let your children enjoy and you relax.
It has more 40 herbs and dabur is a very trusted brand  from past so many years ,on which you can blindly trust and I am sure you wont be regretting it ,so be sure and let your child enjoy their child hood.
For more details visit dabur website where you can know more about it.



Amrit Sinha said...

I loved this Happy Hour thingy :D

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I loved it too , and got my e vouchers also ,3000 rs wow :D :D