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she was standing near the window and got a call from shrey
SHREY- hey mishti,so how was it??(excitingly)
GUNJAN - told him the whole incident
SHREY- oh my god !such jerk your parents have choosen for you (surprisingly)
GUNJAN- Shut up!you have no right to say like that -they are my parents
SHREY -ok i am sorry but mishti ,he is not the right guy for you
GUNJAN -i don't know what to do :(
SHREY- go and tell your parents idiot ,they'll understand for sure
GUNJAN-i don't know how to say that they have choosen a wrong man for me ...they'll get hurt shrey
SHREY- no dear ,they'll understand your situation - just go and tell
GUNJAN- ok ,ill try
SHREY- do you want me to talk to your parents ?
GUNJAN- no! that would not be right
SHREY- ok so what's next ,what you gonna do?
GUNJAN - now i am not in the mind to deal with all these ,ill think and ill call you, for now byeee
SHREY -ok byeee ,take care :)
Around one week paased ,still Gunjan was not able to say anything to her parents ,So Shrey decided to deal with it. He went to Gunjan's home and told everything to her parents,but Gunjan's parents were so much influenced by arth and his family that they didn't bothered about what shrey said and ignored him and told him to stay out of their personal matters. Gunjan enters now ,shocked to see shrey there but smiled ,suddenly her dad says,gunjan !if you didn't liked our choice ,you could have told us but what was the need to tell such outsiders about your personal matters (now this is such a emotional drama you see, however her dad didn't liked shrey from first time he met him ,don't know why?  ),shrey was like to say something to gunjan's dad but gunjan hold's his hand ,takes him outside and told him,shrey now you please go from here ,I can't bear your insult nor i can go beyond my dad's word ,please go from here shrey ,I am sorry for whatever happend shrey was like hey please don't say sorry i am always there for you ,you'll find me always at your service when ever you need :) :) and went.

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Now gunjan's dad says - gunjan beta have faith in our choice ,we will never choose anything wrong for you,shrey is a rich business man ,he won't understand our culture and can never understand what a middle class family goes through if their daughter's rishta is broken . See arth is not a bad person ,he is just straight forward (oh yeah !If saying a girl to pay the bill on her date and taking her exam over a cup of coffee is being straight forward ,then yeah he was ) and now her dad throws a biggest dialogue of millenium beta ab hamari izzat tumhare haat mein hain(which means, dear now our so called pride which is greater than your happiness is in your hands) as we have said yes to arth's family and have informed our relatives about it too. Now  overloaded by such emotional drama she said yes for arth ( i mean reallyyy - just imagine guys "yes" for marrying arth ) and as per her dad's plead which was indirectly an order, she didn't spoke with shrey not even on phone :( shrey called her everyday but she didn't attend any of his call ,he even tried to meet her ,but she always resisted and never met) Now almost 3 months passed ,she had met arth quite a couple of times in this period but arth was still the same and she came to know that arth's family was also exactly like arth, his mom was two - faced and his dad was the most stingy person of this universe (Now we came to know that Arth have all such things in his genes itself )
arth's mom said that gunjan should not leave her job after marraige ,and throws a dailogue "you see after all we are not that backward people ,who keep their daughter in law inside four walls of the house (haan haan -mann mein toh laddu futt rahe honge ke paise chhapne wali machine jo ghar aarahi hai) Now its something 3 days left for  gunjan's marriage and after almost 3 months she was going to call shrey - she was really nervous and she knew only shrey can handle her - but rather of calling she texted him inviting him for her marriage - shrey was shocked to see her message ,he called her ,but she didn't picked - she just texted again that it is him whom she needs the most ,please do come. shrey was shattered (but had no idea why its hurting him too much )
Now its the marriage day ,gunjan's mom dad are welcoming the guests and now enters shrey - gunjan's dad was shocked to see him but he didn't wanted to make any drama so silently welcomed him too.shrey now calls gunjan hey i am here ,gunjan told him to come to her room ,shrey entered gunjan's room - gunjan was looking stunning in her red and green shaadi ka joda (marriage gown )she looked like an ancient Indian princess - from up to toe -still her eyes were missing that spark which any bride would have naturally - shrey said , mishtii you look like an angel - gunjan was so full of emotional weight that she could not handle it as soon as shrey said a word she hugged him tightlyy and started crying. shrey hey mishtiiii why are you crying ,if you want i can still stop your marriage ,should i?
Gunjan- no please ,i don't want to go against my parents ,it is just that you are the person i needed today the most ,so called you ,please promise me that whatever happens you will be there beside me- shrey (was really confused ) said mishti you don't need tell that - I am always there for you and left the room



Green Speck said...

Ohh .... I hope she doesn't do anything foolish, that may harm her :-(

Panchali said...

Read both the parts in one go....Shrey appears to be a nice boy. Waiting for part, and I am expecting a twist :))
Good one..!:))

vinisha said...

@amrit...thankszz for spending time in reading it .....yeah you'll soon come to know about what she does :) :)

vinisha said...

@panchali mam ....thankkzzz a ton for reading it mam....ya that 3rd part ill try to publish it by tonight :):)

Ranita Sinha said...

Read both the parts and liked it very much..eagerly waiting for next part..

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..equally wonderful, Vinisha:)

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@ranita mam ....thank you so much for your kind words :D :D

vinisha said...

@amit sir ....thankzz a ton :)

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Really gud. Going to chapter 3

vinisha said...

@saajan sood - thankzz a ton for reading :) :)