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 A sweet,simple,beautiful down to earth girl belonging to an orthodox family.
Yeah her mom and dad were quite old fashioned but believed that education is must for any girl so made gunjan study as much she wanted.She was an M.B.A and now well earning too.She was someone who can make any guy fall on his knees for her 

SHREYANSH :                                          
Also known as “shrey”, A business tycoon. He was tall, dark, handsome and damn sweet person. Guess what? He was our gunjan’s best friend from college times.  :D :D

Both were like made for each other and everyone was like they look so cute together, but as in every love story there are twists and turns our gunjan’s and shrey story was no different.They always laughed out loud when somebody compared them, they were like “we are friends not couple”, both of them never thought from that angle but destiny has its own ways and you have to walk on it :) 

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So here comes a rishta(marriage proposal ) for gunjan.Enters Arth angle , he was also an M.B.A and had quite good job too ,it seemed to be a perfect rishta for gunjan to her parents and her dad immediately said yes for arth with out asking gunjan ( now that’s something very wired – I mean now a days who says yes to a proposal without asking their children but as I said earlier –she belonged to an orthodox family n we can’t help it )And when gunjan’s mom told her about the marriage proposal and showed arth’s photo( he was quite an average looking guy) , she was in the state shock and confused.
Then her dad asked her is there someone else she likes? 
Gunjan-no dad its not like that but
Her dad –then what’s the problem? 
Gunjan –nothing dad.
And as she could never go above her parents ,so she told yes too.
With lots of questions wandering  in her mind, she went in her mom’s room and said the confusion what she is going through – her mom said –dear its very normal what you are going through, every girl goes through this  ,remember I never saw your dad before getting married to him .she smiled but still was not satisfied  by her mom’s explanation ….she went to her room and called shrey
SHREY- hey mishti
(yeah shrey called gunjan as mishti from the first day they met in college )
GUNJAN-shrey(in deep voice and then a long pause) ………..
SHREY – What’s wrong mishti, speak something .
GUNJAN – shrey my parents have fixed my rishta and even said yes on my behalf and I don’t know how to react 
SHREY- …………………( silence- he was quite shocked)
GUNJAN- hello …..shrey ?? are you there ??
SHREY – Yeah tell me ………so are you ready for it ?
GUNJAN- I don’t even know him ,I don’t know what to say
SHREY- mishti relax ! go and meet him ,ask your parents that you want to meet him
GUNJAN- ya ….you are right , I have to meet arth .
SHREY- ohhhh ……his name is arth haan (naughtily)
GUNJAN- shut up , I am in a do or die situation here and you …… (angrily)
SHREY – calm down mishti ,everything will be fine.
GUNJAN- speaking to you always make me fine....thank you :)
SHREY – come on mishti you are my bestiee , don’t be so formal and now go to sleep ,
GUNJAN- yeah ,byeee
SHREY- don’t worry just sleep now without thinking about anything ,byeee ,good night
After talking to shrey, gunjan was so relieved that she slept without any fear or questions in her mind
But that night was really heavy for shrey ,he didn’t sleep that night at all (and he had no idea ,why ?)
Next day morning gunjan said to her parents that she wants to meet arth ,although they believed in not letting children meet before ring ceremony( a fultoo orthodox thinking) but for the sake of gunjan’s plead they agreed. They fixed up their meeting in a coffee shop near gunjan’s office at 4pm,she was really nervous but shrey met her in her office and built her confidence and now it was almost four so gunjan went to the coffee shop.She was heavily tired and after waiting for arth in coffee shop it was almost 4:30
 ( imagine the guy is late on his first date with his would be fiancé …huh) So gunjan ordered a coffee for her and now it was almost 5 but Arth was still missing and finally a guy with a boquet of roses came to gunjan (yeah he was none other than arth) she recognized him as she had seen his photo.
After formal hi and hello (but guess what he didn't even apologized for coming late) arth saw gunjan’s coffee – and asked her “you had coffee without waiting for me “
Gunjan was like – huuuunnnnnnnhhhhhh (surprised)  she asked why wasn’t I supposed to do that
Arth – no its not like that but my mom always waits for my dad
Gunjan (in a shocked state) so what you are expecting me to do for that
Arth – Nothing! but I would have been glad if you had waited for me
Gunjan- yeah I waited for you till 4:30 but you din’t came ,so I just ordered one for my self
Arth – hey hey that’s ok , I don’t want any explanation from you after all its just a cup of coffee (now I really want to hit this guy ….I mean like its you who is going on questioning and when she is giving answers ,you say you don’t need any explanationnnnnnnnnn, you need a psychiatrist dude )
Gunjan was like Oh my god please save me
 Arth ordered a coffee for him too and didn’t even asked gunjan that would she like to have anything else (manner less idiot)
He had his coffee  and guess what he just paid his bill and told gunjan "you see I believe in equality" ( hiding his stinginess in the name of equality )
Gunjan- was like ohkkkkkkkk no issues  and both of them left
Gunjan was really upset with arth’s first impression on her (I know any girl would be after meeting such a loser )
She went home and didn’t speak with anyone and entered in her room 



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