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For a minute gunjan was feeling to die but that would eventually affect her family so being strong she decided not to take any wrong step,she will marry arth only for the sake of happiness of her parents. Now gunjan's dad is in his room ,he recives a call from arth's dad ,
Mr arora (arth's dad ) - hello mr singh(gunjan's dad) ,its just to let you know that we need 10 lakhs on the urgent basis
Mr singh - (shockeddddd to hear their last minute demand ),he says, but Mr arora how can i arrange such big amount now
Mr arora - that is your problem Mr singh -I don't know about that ,but if you fail to arrange it ,just conclude that this marriage is not gonna happen
Mr singh-  please don't say like that ,ill arrange 10 lakhs any how ,you please be on time or else my daughter's life would be ruined.
Mr arora - ya ya ,you don't worry about that,you just arrange the money and disconnected the call
Now Mrs and Mr singh is in the state of shock any how he arranged 10lakhs but were really tensed
So arth's baarat enters now - the usual naagin dance is going on (most common in Indian marriages)
Mrs and Mr singh welcoming them
Mr arora ask to Mr singh is the thing i asked,ready ?
Mr singh -yes ,please come in ,ill hand it over to you ,as soon as Mr singh hand overs the bag of money ,Cops enters and caught them red handed (bygod police......that too on time :D  ) Mr arora don't know how to react and in state of big shock ,Mr arora to Mr singh you have not done this right ,you'll pay for this and so on ,Constables takes away Mr arora out of the room ,now there is a deep silence inside...........
Inspector to Mr singh - See giving and taking dowry both are criminal offence you are also supposed to get arrested ,but shrey intervenes ,pleads and says ,Sir he has done all this for the sake of his daughter,please leave him and he convinced the inspector by saying that now he has learnt from it and he will not repeat it please leave him please understand ,so inspector told shrey anyhow even if i am not taking him with me ,case will be filed against him and until court proccedings are over he is not supposed to go out of town and took,Mr Arora and the whole jerk family with him to jail all of them were screaming like animals like,dekhlenge(we will see you)  ,kisi ko nai chodenge (we will not leave any of you),blah blah blah and went to their sasural (jail :P).
Now Mr singh looking at shrey ,who the hell did this ,who called the cops, however i know who did it, but i want to hear from that person's mouth , i ask who did thissssss (in top of his voice angrily ! ) suddenly a voice heard , MAINE (Me) everybody was shocked to hear that voice
HAAN MAINE BULAYA (yes i called) and Mr singh was like tumne par kyun(you ? but why ) - kyun gunjan kyun (why gunjan why )
Shrey was like- mishti was it you ? really ?
Gunjan yes shrey it was me ,papa i heard your phone call with arth's dad on a parallel line- and papa still you asking me why ?
Mr singh - but what was the need ,i was giving them the money na ,then why you did such thing ?
Gunjan- yes you were giving them the money ,but were you ready to give them such amounts of money lifelong ? what would you do when you will not have any money and they would have burnt me or murdered me by any other means all because you didn't gave them money ,would at that point also your so called izzat (prestige) would have been more important to you than your daughter
Mr singh - with heads down realizes his mistake ,He said beta my choice eventually turned wrong for you ,I don't know how i choosed something like this for you , I really don't know how to apologize to you - It was my mistake ,I am sorry but still asks beta now who will marry you after all this ?
Gunjan - papa you still...(before she could speak some thing more) A voice said - ME
before gunjan or anyone can find out who was he , somebody was on his knees in front of gunjan - Gunjan was shocked to see shrey in front of her like this - he held gunjan's hand and says
"Today i don't have any flowers or ring to support me to convey my feelings to you but i wanna say that the day when you told me about your marriage ,i was not able to sleep whole night or  was never the same after that news, it was like some one is taking away my life in front of my eyes and i am not able to do anything to gain it back but today when you called me here and hugged me ,i came to realize that you are the one whom i am going to love till my last breathe and see who knewed that i will be able to say all such things  to you but yes god has given me a second chance to get you and i won't miss that at any cost - Mishti today i wanna say that I love you more than anything in this world ,I love you with all have -would you give me the privilege to grow old with you? ,Misthi -I love youuuuuuuuu <3 <3"

Gunjan looked at her parents and they smiled (which meant yes ),gunjan hugged shrey and cried like a baby in his arms and said Yes shrey you are first and last man i am going to love for my whole life -I love you too and started crying again (Awwww)

So moral learnt here
From gunjan's dad is- #soak no more  in the name of your so called pride ,it may affect your family badly

From gunjan is - #soak no more under the emotional attyachar of someone even if they are your parents,some decisions are need to be taken by yourself for betterment of your and their life too

From Arth and his family is - #soak no more in greediness of dowry or else you will be behind the bars one day

From shrey is - #soak no more by hiding your feelings,sometimes your love needs to be expressed in words



Ranita Sinha said...

the whole day my net was down and as soon as it came i saw ur post and liked it very much..all is well that ends well..all the best for the contest..


Awesome again VINI.... :)

Green Speck said...

Amazing script ... I really liked the pace and the way you narrated the story ... it seemed as if you were there write in front ... anyways, if ever I make a movie, I will definitely contact you for the scripts ;-)

vinisha said...

@ranita mam ....thankzzz alot for spending your time in reading it ,thankzz a ton for your appreciation and wishes :) :)

vinisha said...

@ankit .......thankkkkssss a ton again :D :D

vinisha said...

@amrit - now that is something like the biggest compliment ever received for my post ....thanksss a ton and now at least ill have spare career in my hands if sometime my boss throws me out the office ...:D :D

Saurabh Chawla said...

lovely post :) liked it a lot :) all the best for contest

vinisha said...

@saurabh sir ......thankzz a ton for liking and your wishes ....same goes for you :) :)

Noopur said...

what a great post.... loved reading it....

vinisha said...

@noopur thanks alottt for reading and liking it :) :)

Panchali said...

Vinisha...Kudos to Gunjan who had the guts to call the police. May her tribe increase, which would put a stop to this disgusting dowry system.
And the best character was Shrey's in the series...I am in love with this boy :D
All's well that ends well....wonderful!!
The joy and freedom in life has come off beautifully in the post.
Enjoyed reading it.

vinisha said...

@panchali mam .... yeah mam though shrey was an imaginary character but i too some were felled in love with him some where :P :D yeah mam dowry is the biggest curse of our country and on sad part still some people give and take dowry ,which need to stopped :( thankszz a ton for spending your time and reading it glad to have such beautiful comment from your side ...thank you :) :)

Shanaya Sinner said...

Wow amazing post doll :D It was really gr8.
xoxo <3

vinisha said...

hey shanaya ,thankszz a ton for appreciating sweetie :) :) welcome here

Apoorva Writes said...

Truly, I read only half of it and I liked it.
My mobile is not permitting me to read the entire thing.
Trust me. U wrote it so well.
Complete reading all the 3 parts is on top of my to-do list.

Anonymous said...

@apporva ....thanks a ton for spending your time in reading it and thankzz so much for your appreciation dear ......its the comments from you people which inspires me a lot ,,,,:) :)

gunjan kumar said...

i read it all and i can t stopoed till i end the whole series ,,,nice a story with a character by my name,,,nice one

vinisha said...

@gunjan-thankzz a ton for reading and appreciating ...and ya that same name - rofl :D :D

Rajesh said...

Just loved it.

vinisha said...

@rajesh - thankz a ton :) :)

indu chhibber said...

Nice ending,more & more people should take this option.

vinisha said...

@indu ....hey thankzzz a ton :) :)

Panchali said...

Such lovely memories, Vinisha. But, wonder what I would done if my dotty would have given one of my fave sarees to someone like that...hehehe---you have a heart of gold :)))

vinisha said...

@panchali mam ..... hahahah nothing liked that mam , I wonder why all the wild ideas blow up in my mind only :P :D
P.S - mam by mistakenly you have published your comment belonging to MEMORIES post,here :) :)

saajansood22 said...

I thought shrey had called police. Anyway ending was really nice however i wonder how shrey and gunjan exchanged their views about each other in front of the whole crowd and that even in a typical indian marriage!!!

vinisha said...

@Saajan sood - you need to speak your heart out sometimes even in public :) :) thank you :) :)