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Actually have already submitted my one entry for this contest  But as now there is something damn exciting  in last moment entry so,just writing this post down.So as you people know from my  first entry that I don't believe in proving whether love marriage is better or arranged marriage is better ,because I believe in destiny ,You really don't know what is written in it ,whether its love marriage or arranged marriage or NO marriage :P. The most funny thing i came to hear about marriages now a days is -Love marriage is something like going to the well happily with 32watts smile and jumping inside  -Splashhhhhh and Arranged marriage is when your family comes into the picture ,carries you to the well and excitingly drop you in it  -Splashhhhh again :P so the choice is yours whether you wanna do suicide or want your family to murder you :P :P  or its something like you are walking on the road ,suddenly from no where a  cobra comes and bites you ,yeah you guessed it right now that's love marriage and arranged marriage is like going into a jungle ,finding a cobra and dancing in front of him saying come bite me bite me :P :P But on a serious note What i really feel is marriage in  itself is a beautiful lifelong commitment , which binds two persons  for whole life, Its a start to a new life ,so may it be a love or arranged really don't matter what actually matters is marriage. Marriage can be the biggest decision of any one's life ,because your whole future life will get depended upon your this decision. So if you are gonna take this decision just take it by yourself and firmly by yourself only. Don't get influenced by others decisions. Its never like love marriage is better or arranged marriage is better , both have their own advantages and disadvantages. So you got to be very firm and in right frame of mind before taking any decision .
That's it if its your decision and you feel its right then nothing can go wrong-and just give your 100% in it and hope for the best- - the only essential choice is picking the right  partner  if you get a right partner then it really doesn't matter whether you get it by arranged marriage or love marriage :) :)

So now its like people who do arrange marriage are In such frame of mind that they say, that this decision is my life changing decision and whatever my parents says would be final because they have more knowledge than me  ,they can never go wrong  or can never spoil my life.But is this really practical ?
See in arranged marriage parents may be really happy and you feel that you can't hurt their feelings by saying no to their choice ,but if you think, sometimes it is possible what your parents choose for you may not be right ,they may also go wrong sometimes ,just think twice and don't blindly go after it ,because now your one NO can hurt your parents but if you say yes and if your marriage didn't workout then it would leave you and your parents both with a lifelong regret because parents want their children to be happy and if their decision turn out to be wrong  , they will be the one most hurt  ,so just take time to think and keep marriage as only your sole decision.
so before taking any decision regarding your partner ,just ask your self these questions and if you are satisfied by the answers then go for the person ,so here we go
Is he/she the right choice for you ?
As arranged marriage is full of adjustments ask yourself ,
Will he/she be able to adjust with you life long? or will ill be able to adjust with him/her ?
Will he/she be able to understand you ?
Try to spend some time with them and go for the right person as your future depends upon this choice.
Arranged marriage is something love after marriage ,so ask yourself will ill be ever able to fall in love with him/her.
That's it if after you get an self satisfying answers to  all these questions,get ready for a big fat wedding, I mean most of the arranged marriages are really lavish :P ;)
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So now coming to love marriage
I know Love is the most beautiful feeling of anyone's life
In love its just you and your partner and the whole world don't exist and will never exist too :) for you only your partner is the best person of this world .For him/her you are ready to fight with the whole world.
when someone is in love nothing seems wrong or right ,in love everything becomes legit. He or she is the most important person of your life and you feel he/she is the person with whom you can share your whole life ,so now whats the problem in love marriage ,as arranged marriage even love marriage have its own pros and cons ,so how to find out ,so again will go for question and answer round .....
so ask your self ,will ill be able to love him/her the same after 10 or 15 years
of our marriage ?
will you still continue to love him/her even if you find someone much
 better than him/her ?
will you be able to love him/ her even after knowing their worst ?
and again if satisfied by answers ,just go for it ,get ready to elope with him/her :P as most of the love marriages won't be accepted by parents or family but once you have done with it just like jab we met's- Geet (kareena kapoor ) say Shaadi ke baad bas unke (family) pairo mein gir jaana hai - and you know they are sooner or later gonna accept you and your love :P :P

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whether be love or arranged - there are gonna be adjustments and sacrifices ,so be damn sure of your decision -so later on there will be no regrets but before getting into any decision just ask yourself a very important question Am I ready for this life long commitment ? :)

P.S -This is my entry for indiblogger love ya arrange marriage contest
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Rajrupa Gupta said...

:D :D True. One interesting trend I noticed that people are mostly going for the ways of surviving a marriage rather than actually taking sides :)

My thoughts on this subject also echoed the same. But going by the number of entries it is one contest mela. Is not it?

vinisha said...

@rajrupa- haha yes coz taking oneside would not be fare coz we never know what destiny is gonna give us :P and if we take one's side and our future spouse tend to come from the opposite way then it would be quite awkward to face the situation :P :P Dur ki soch ,you see ;)

Panchali said...

That was a wonderful article, Vinisha. Strong marriages are the result of efforts by both spouses to make the marriage work...and you've explained it so aptly!
Kudos girl..

Rajesh said...

Very well written. Whatever be the type a survival of marriage depends on tolerance, trust, respect.

vinisha said...

@panchali mam .....thankzzzz alotttt for such appreciating words it means alotttt :) :)

vinisha said...

@rajesh ....thanzzzz alot for such kind words and appreciation :) :)

Maun Vision said...

excellent way of penning. very enlightening.

Maun Vision said...

excellent way of penning. kudos

Saru Singhal said...

I couldn't stop laughing at some lines, like this one, 'finding a cobra and dancing in front of him saying come bite me bite me'

Interesting and straight from heart take on the topic. Good Luck!!! :)

vinisha said...

@maun vision - sir thanks a ton for such kind comment :) :)

vinisha said...

@saru mam -glad, you liked the post and it made you laugh too :D :D ,thanks a ton mam for your wishes and same goes for you :) :)

Bikramjit said...

:) I will second here saru I found it funny at places and it made me laugh .. we have so many misconceptions I tell you ..

Lovely article , well done

I beleive that Love-arranged-marriage the three words can be used in any permutation or combination .. and thats how it should be :)


vinisha said...

@bikramjit sir .....thankzzz a ton for such wonderful comment :) :)

numerounity said...

Loved this have a knack for fun and a funny bone too..good!

Agree the thrill of writing a last minute post...I always do..did this time too...ideas at that hour is amazing!

vinisha said...

@ekta ...thankszz a ton :D :D yeahh actually when i was writing this post i was scared that after midnight of 30th i wont be able to submitt my post you can't imagine the way i was typing :P :P my laptop almost was likeee "thora rehem kardee mujhpeeee ":P :P btw thanksss alotttt for appreciating :) :)

P.S - i am not able to open your blog dear , is the link right ??

Noopur said...

heheehe :D
Quite interesting....good work

jaish_vats said...

Good One Vinisha. I was trying to picturise a cartn of a young girl going and dancing in front of a cobra in a jungle saying 'bite me' and it brought a smile to my face ha ha ! Lol! Good luck!

vinisha said...

@noopur ....thank you :D :D

Vijay Shenoy said...

Nice work... Keep Blogging!

vinisha said...

@jaish- thanks a ton -:D :D -loved to know that it made you smile and its the comments from you people makes the post worthy and yes they are inspiring too :)thank you for your wishes and appreciation -all the best to you too- lets hope for the best -:D :D

vinisha said...

@vijay -thank you :) :)